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Why should you study A-Level Maths?

5th March 12

DLD College London A Level Maths Student Gabriele  

A-Level Maths is one of the most important subjects you can study. Find out why…


Maths is like a really good friend.  It will get along famously with your other mates and help you better yourself. An A-Level in this subject will help you immensely with your other subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Business Studies all use some kind of Maths. All of the sciences use mathematical techniques and doing an A-Level in it will give you a head start in these subjects.  Other A-Levels such as the Social Sciences use statistics, so doing A-Level Maths will give you an advantage.  Even in essay based subjects such as History, it can be useful. Mathematics teaches you to think in a logical way, something which is vital when putting across your argument.


Mathematics is an A-Level entry requirement at University for all sorts of subjects. Geography, Psychology and Sociology degrees will definitely have modules where mathematical techniques are vital to your understanding of the subject. And all sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics use so much mathematical techniques as they progress that an A-Level in Maths will vastly enhance your ability to succeed.


Not only that, admissions tutors and employers all give huge amount of kudos to prospective students and employees who have a Maths degre, as there are a number of transferable skills including logical skills, problem solving and analytical skills.


Maths is so useful after university as well. The amount of technology we are using today is increasing all the time, and at the core of all new technology is Maths.


Your earning potential is increased if you’ve done an A-Level in Maths. Statistics show that if you have a Maths degree you increase your earning capacity by 105.


Some of the most interesting, high profile and well paid careers revolve around Mathematics somehow. Careers in finance, computing, engineering, and business are all crying out for people with these qualifications, and mathematical medicine is an incredibly fast growing area, with mathematicians needed to model the way cancers grow or to analyse the effectiveness of various treatments.


The Government is the single largest employer of mathematicians in the country. The GCHQ recruits graduates every year. You might be employed to decode encrypted messages, or come up with better ways of keeping our own codes secret.


So if you’re thinking of succeeding in the world, A-Level Maths is the foundation stone you need to build yourself a better career. At DLD College London we have one of the best departments in the country. Try us. Give us a call on 020 7935 8411 or visit our website at