The River Thames outside DLD College London

DLD Learning Centre Opens

19th October 01

A Level Learning Centre Opens  

The brand new DLD Learning Centre Opens and student Adi Illiya was there to tell us about it.

Technology is the way forward” is the idea that has made the newly opened Learning Centre a reality. Integrating learning with the use of technology in the everyday life of every student; that in my view does intensify the learning curve of a student. This idea was contained in the opening address of our principal with further elaboration given by our Vice Principal Marie Doe. Our CEO of Alpha Plus Group Mr. Graham Able introduced Chairman …… Baroness Perry of Southwark who gave an inspiring speech to everybody present that autumn afternoon.

As Lady Perry rightly said, we as students are worried about the future; whether or not the skills we acquire in college and university are enough to make us excel and gain useful work upon graduation. The new learning centre could help us gain that edge.

This new spacious design that gives out a positive energy when you enter the room does present itself as a university-like environment with a table setting that encourages collaborating and interacting with each other. This promotes a totally new idea as opposed to the old way of working by yourself in a library that intentionally creates a personal bubble and an environment where you must hear a pin when it drops.

Personally I have never seen a learning centre implemented as part of a college lifestyle before. It is amazing to see the changes taking place. The number of students that come in and work in the learning centre has increased so much. Student art works jump off the walls around the room compared to last year when the working environment was very quiet making it look very grey and dull.

Adi Illiya

A-Level student Adi Illiya talks about DLD College London's new learning Centre.