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DLD College London Student Amirezza Volunteering at Ambition Aspire Achieve

Volunteering at Ambition Aspire Achieve

DLD College London student Amirezza Nanaei spent 4 days (20 hours) of volunteering at Ambition Aspire Achieve, a charity organisation. This lovely charitable event was a Christmas Appeal during which Amirezza had to prepare gifts for families who could not afford presents for their children.

DLD College London Christmas Concert

DLD Christmas Concert 2018

The DLD College London Christmas Concert was one of the best I can remember, every one of the acts was polished and the standard across the board was very good. Well done to all those students who took part!

DLD College London Visit Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair Visit

DLD College London Art students took a trip to the frieze Art Fair in Regent’s Park. Viet Anh Nguyen gives us his impressions on the fair.

DLD College London Resilience Speech

Sarah Inspires New Students

The theme this year at DLD College London is ‘Resilience’. Alumni student Sarah Dittrich returned to the college on Friday and gave an inspiring speech to our new students.

DLD College London Clearing Guide

DLD’s Guide to Clearing

Clearing is for those who did not apply to any universities, have not received any offers, chosen to reject all their offers, or not attained the grades required for their offers. Here is a handy guide to getting through it in one piece!

DLD College London Biology Students visit Whipsnade Zoo

KS5 Field Study – Whipsnade Zoo

Last week, my A2 Biology class went along to Whipsnade Zoo to complete one of our compulsory practicals required to achieve our A level.

DLD College London Physics Students Visit CERN 2017

Physics Trip to Geneva 2017

I recently had an amazing chance to visit Geneva on a Physics trip with DLD College London. Our main reason for traveling to Geneva was to visit CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Art Exhibitions for DLD Students at Half term

Recommended Exhibitions to Visit During Half Term

All these exhibitions have a connection to your own Art Coursework, whether it connects to your direct observation work, skills developments or artists’ connections. If you go to any of these exhibitions see if you can do some on-site drawings, write some descriptive comments, and acquire any hand-outs to bring in to your next art session. Have a good holiday break!

DLD A Level Business Students Visit Poland

DLD Business Studies Trip to Poland – Day 4: A Day to Remember

After a fun, action packed day in the snowy mountains of Zakopane, and an early night, the group awoke this morning ready for a very different experience. Today, our packed itinerary included Auschwitz extermination camp, the Wieliczka salt mine and a farewell dinner.

DLD Business Studies A-Level Students Visit Poland

DLD Business Studies trip to Poland – Day 3

After yesterday’s industry focus, today was very much about exploring rural business activity and indeed having fun in the ski resort of Zakopane. Zakopane roughly translate to ‘dug up’, as this community living on the mountain had been buried under the snow for centuries.

DLD College London Art Foundation Project

Art Foundation Installation Project

These images record the current Art Foundation students temporarily installing some of their Project 1 Organic/Mechanic experimental coursework in the College Atrium.

DLD College London A Level Business Student Imran

Money in Business

Last month, 30 DLD students enrolled on the Money in Business course that was run by the ICAEW and Leeds University Business School. Imran Isa-Dutse shares his thoughts and experience on the course.

A level calculus lecture at DLD College London

The Calculus of Emotion

October 2015 -

Shafiq Fakir, Business and Economics teacher at DLD College London, gave our students an Economics lecture on ‘The Calculus of Emotion’ which introduced them to rationality, strategic behaviour and game theory. Here are his thoughts on the subject.

DLD BTEC Music Technology Workshop

Music Technology Workshops

This month has been very busy in DLD’s Music Technology department. The ‘Ask the Professional’ series of workshops returned, aiming to create collaborations between our music technology students and industry professionals through workshop, masterclasses and talks.


Blog posts from A Level, BTEC, GCSE and International Foundation Programme students from DLD College London, the best 6th form college in London.

A level results day at DLD College London

A Level Results Day – Top Tips

The wait is nearly over, A Level Results Day is almost here. Don’t be nervous. Follow these handy tips and you’ll be ready and prepared for the big day.

Hyeon-Jun studied A level Biology at DLD College London and is going to Oxford University

Oxford University

In this blog post, the first in a new series profiling the best universities in the UK, we take a look at one of the oldest, and most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Oxford.

DLD College London A Level Debating Club

DLD Debating Club

DLD College London is starting up a Debating Club to encourage our students to gain experience from learning the art of speaking before the public.

DLD College London Guide to GCSE Results Day

DLD College London’s GCSE Results Day Guide 2014

What a glorious summer we’ve had. We hope you’ve had some much deserved time off, spending time catching up with friends and family, and we hope you’ve managed to push Thursday 21st August, firmly to the back of your mind for a while.

What A Levels Do I Need to Study Medicine at University

Want to study Medicine at University? FAQs

Another blog post which we received a lot of feedback and questions from was ” Want to be a Doctor?” way back in 2012. Once again, we have taken the most popular questions and put them in one all together in one place for you.

Caroline studied A Levels at DLD College London

Want to study Law at University? FAQs

Since we published our Blog Post “Want to be a Lawyer?” back in 2012, a great deal of you have written in with some very good questions about the subject, and we thought it would be a good idea to address some of these further.

DLD College London A Level Students Visit Oxford

Oxford Trip

On Monday, 16th June, our Pre-sessional students headed north to Oxford and, once there, were captivated by the interesting sights and buildings they visited.

DLD College London A Level and GCSE Exam Tips

Exam Tips – The Exam

Here we go. It’s Exam Time. But there’s no need to panic, you’ve worked hard all year and done all of your revision, and with these handy exam tips at your disposal you are bound to succeed.

DLD College London A level and GCSE exam tips

Exam Tips – The Day of the Exam

It’s the day every student dreads: Exam Day. It’s fine to be nervous. It’s not fine to panic and go to pieces. Follow these handy tips and you’ll be halfway there.

A Level Exam Tips from DLD College London, the best 6th form college in London

Exam Tips – Exam Preparation

Are you preparing for your exams at the moment? A Levels or GCSEs round the corner? Don’t panic. Have a read of these handy exam tips to help give you the best chance of succeeding.

DLD College London A Level Student William

Choosing the right university for you

Choosing the right University is an important decision for any young person. Choosing the University most suited to you isn’t always the most straightforward decision. Other than league tables, there are numerous other factors to consider, when narrowing down where to spend the next chapter of your life. Luckily for you we have consolidated the most important points!

DLD A level Business Student at the Young Investment Bankers Programme

Young Investment Bankers Programme

Last Sunday four A level students attended the Young Investment Bankers Programme at UCL. Kabeelan Rajamurthy gives us his review of the day.

DLD A Level students can now benefit from linkedin

LinkedIn roll out new student hub

LinkedIn announced that they are launching a new dedicated hub for A level students this week to meet increased demand from its fastest growing demographic.

Prom Speech to A level, BTEC and IFP students

Dr. Aris Rogkotis’ Prom Speech

Dr. Aris Rogkotis’ speech to A-Level, BTEC and IFP students from DLD College London, the best6th form college in London at the annual Prom.

A Level maths students at the senior maths challenge

UK Senior Maths Challenge 2012

Some of the A Level Maths students at DLD College London recently took part in the UK Senior Maths Challenge achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates.

Final Year preparation tips for A level students

Final Year Preparation

It’s your final year of school. A Levels are just round the corner. Don’t worry, here are some handy final year preparation tips to make your life easier.

Study A Level Music at DLD College London

Do you want to study Music at University?

What A Levels will I need to study Music at University? What university should I go to? Let DLD College, the best 6th form college in London, will help you decide.

DLD College London Valedictorian Gabriele Watts wants to be a Lawyer

Want to be a Lawyer?

Do you want to be a Lawyer? Get the A Levels and GCSEs that you’ll need from DLD College London, the best private 6th form college in London.

What A Levels do I need to study Medicine

Want to study Medicine to be a Doctor?

Do you want to study Medicine to be a doctor? What A Levels will you need? Get what you need with DLD College London, the best 6th form college in London.

Which A-levels should I take?

Which A-Levels should I take?

Finished your GCSEs? Wondering what A-Levels you should take? Let us help you decide. DLD College London offer a wide range of A-Level courses.

DLD College London Student Masquerade Prom

Masquerade Prom 2012

With our continued celebration of DLD”s 80th Anniversary year we held a Masquearde Prom at the exclusive Kensington Roof Gardens in Knightsbridge on June 6th 2012.

Gabriele studied A Level Maths at DLD College London

Why should you study A-Level Maths?

Maths is one of the most important subjects you can study. Study A-Level Maths and Further Maths at DLD College London, the best 6th form college in London.