The River Thames outside DLD College London

Around the world at London Zoo

8th June 24

On the 29th May, boarders got the opportunity to explore London Zoo, seeing animals from all over the world! Our trip started with a trip to the arctic to see some penguins! As we did some more exploring, we went into the world of the tiny giants to see the smaller animals, with staff and students conquering their fears to walk through the world of spiders and then butterflies! After a quick lunch break, we decided to go to Africa and find some giraffes and zebras. The difference in climates and environments were so interesting for us to observe, as we braved the cold of the arctic to then going into the Galapagos where the heat instantly hit us when we looked at the tortoises.

The one question we kept being asked as staff by the students, was ‘can we touch the animals’ and the answer was always ‘no’, until we ran into an area of the zoo where we were allowed to pet some goats! A great experience for all the students, getting to see some beautiful animals.

When speaking to the students about their trip, Year 10 Student Jana C said:

“My favourite thing about our trip to the zoo was seeing the Giraffe’s having their lunch! It was really interesting to learn more about the different animals that live in the zoo such as what they like to eat and how many hours a day they sleep and how the zookeepers look after them to keep them healthy in captivity.”

It’s clear to say that everyone had a really good time on the trip – so thank you to Sophie for arranging it and to Brandon and Marilyn for taking us!”

Brandon Verschoren, Boarding Assistant