The River Thames outside DLD College London

Understanding Freud’s infamous Psychodynamic approach

6th June 24

On Tuesday the 4th June, Year 12 Psychology students at DLD College London were fortunate to attend the Freud Museum to develop their understanding of Sigmund Freud’s infamous Psychodynamic approach. This includes many controversial theories such as the Oedipus and Electra complex, the Unconscious Mind and the five Psychosexual Stages that define who we are. These were centered around Freud’s invention of Psychoanalysis using Free Association Talking Therapy conducted through dream analysis upon his famous couch. Students enjoyed seeing the couch and rooms in Freud’s house which had been preserved as they were whilst Freud was living there as well as re-enact Psychoanalysis using a replica of the couch which will be used in an upcoming Netflix Freud series.

Students were in awe by the inspiring tour around the Freud Museum to delve into Freud’s life, thoughts and global influence. This was followed by a learning session delivered by Freud Expert and Clinical Therapist, Stefan. Theories stemming from Freud’s Psychoanalysis were demystified through fun and engaging activities using modern examples to explain how we are all governed by our unconscious mind and repressed thoughts. Objects and archive material were able to be viewed and the current exhibition on display, ‘Freud and Latin America’ developed an understanding of why this is home to some of the most important Psychoanalytic Centers in the world. It was a brilliant trip and student’s left with a great admiration for Freud himself!

Emma Voogd, Head of Psychology