The River Thames outside DLD College London

Visiting UK Parliament and the Supreme Court

7th March 24

Year 12 Politics students and Year 14 IFP Social Science students visited the UK Parliament for an educational visit, putting their theory to practice in an iconic political location. Only a short walk from DLD College London, Parliament welcomes students from schools and college across UK to see for themselves the historic building in Westminster where legislation is debated and passed by MPs and Lords. Students toured the site and took part in a mock parliamentary debate on the subject of ‘free public transport for under 18s’. The debate was lively and was overseen by one student taking the role of Speaker. It was great to see students get involved and have fun exploring subjects that they have discussed in the classroom in a setting in which brings it all to life.

Students also visited the Supreme Court; the highest court in the United Kingdom. Students were given a tour of the building by a knowledgeable member of staff who explained the constitutional status and history of the court. Students assumed the roles of judges, prosecution and defense in a civil appeal re-enactment illustrating the importance of rhetoric and persuasive argument in legal proceedings. The trip gave students the opportunity to talk to professionals, ask questions and practice their debating skills in a renowned location.

Daniel Woodley, Head of Universities and Careers and Head of Social Sciences