The River Thames outside DLD College London

From The Principal #198

1st December 23

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There is frost outside, decorations appearing in classrooms, and a fantastic festive tree in the atrium decorated by our boarders. This can only mean our winter holidays are looming ever closer. With the glitter and talk of festive jumpers there is an air of excitement surrounding DLD College London, however for many of our older students it is still a busy and productive time. Our IFP groups have sat their mock examinations, and many students are finalising their UCAS applications in hope to receive those all important offers that will carve the next step of their journeys.

Personally, a highlight over the last week was co-hosting with Gareth Evans (Assistant Vice Principal, Pastoral) for the Boarding School’s Association. Delivering to other well-established British boarding schools on ‘how to support our international boarders’ was a true privilege and a sure sign that DLD are a blinding light in the boarding industry. I thank all our boarding staff for the outstanding wrap around care they have provided our students for the entire term.

As we enter the closing stages of the busiest term; I urge students to remain healthy and to stay focused for another eight working days. A good rest is almost in sight.

Lauren Moors
Assistant Principal (Academic)