The River Thames outside DLD College London

PeBe Sports Bra Brand Workshop

13th November 23

On Friday 10th November the girls in Years 9,10 and 11 had the amazing opportunity to attend a Sports Bra fitting workshop by the incredible company PeBe. PeBe are a company who travel to work with different schools, elite sports teams, athletes, and the military to provide candid advice and memorable education, alongside a measuring and fitting service with their award-winning sports bra which is all backed by science!

Figures from this workshop showed out of the 52 students that attended, 70% of girls (38) had never been measured before, 57% of girls (30) couldn’t even guess their bra size, 42% of girls (22) had a guess/thought they knew their bra size, and 2% of girls (1) were correctly in the right bra size.

These figures communicate just how affective these workshops are for our female students at DLD, and how much of a positive impact being supported and fitted effectively can have on our student’s physical health and growing confidence.

Macy McCutcheon, Sports Teacher