The River Thames outside DLD College London

International Day at DLD

8th November 23

On Wednesday 1st November, we hosted an international day at DLD College London. International day gives our students the opportunity to share parts of their culture with their peers. Truthfully, with over 60 different nationalities at DLD, every day is international day – but this specific one is extra special!

The Atrium was buzzing with curiosity as students ventured around different stalls that were set up for each participating country. Students who were representing their countries spoke proudly of their traditions and encouraged others to try snacks from their homeland.

A warm treat of Plov (Osh) with Samosa from Uzbekistan proved to be a popular option with a lengthy queue forming to sample the tasty dish. Those who fancied a lighter snack could try prawn cracker chips from Hong Kong, Rose Zephyr from Belarus, Haribos from Germany, or Crispy Rolls from Thailand. If those sweet treats left students feeling parched, they were able to wash down the treats with some Chinese green tea (Tie GuanYin). On the Iranian table, students proudly presented Minahkari and Monabat, which is ancient artwork. Three traditional sweets were also on offer: Sohan, Persian Baklava and Polaki. A traditional game from Singapore called ‘Five Stones’ was enjoyed by many but completed by only a few! A group of girls from Kazakhstan proudly wore national dress, shared national songs and played the Dombra.

It was great to see so many students get involved and share their cultures with us!

Scott Webster, Houseparent (Northern House)