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From The Principal #193

13th October 23

Lauren Moors
Lauren Moors, Assistant Principal (Academic)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Barry Schwartz once said ‘Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are’. This term at DLD, the opportunity of choice has rung through the atrium walls for our students. For most with excitement, but for some an understandable high level of apprehension. With choice at the heart of independence at DLD, our students are starting to consider their futures. What subjects do I wish to take forward for/after my GCSEs? What university do I want to go to? What subject do I want to study at said university? Followed by the inevitable option of potentially too much choice: ‘what do I want to be when I am older?’. To some, this could be a very overwhelming experience, however I have been a proud observer of cohesion and progress working at its best within the DLD community.

Watching our careers programme across the year groups grow into the timetable so smoothly has not only inspired thought-provoking conversations within our student body, but also broadened their horizons to the amazing choice of careers on offer once their journey at DLD is concluded. It has been a pleasure to listen to our university admissions team engage with our students about choice of course, or choice of environment to aid their next steps. Without shutting the doors on opportunities, because it is ok to not be sure what you want to be when you are older just yet, but understand the stepping stones that we can all put in place. Seeing student-initiated conversations with our Head of Careers from our academic student council team has aided the creation of a collective response. Helping students engage with their future and the choices ahead of them. Together, they have and continue to provide even more inspiration and challenge through our careers’ fairs, our guest speakers, and our internal careers curriculum.

With an extended amount of choice and decision-making having occurred this term, I wish all our students a well earned break this October.

Lauren Moors
Assistant Principal (Academic)