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Counselling at DLD

19th May 23

At DLD College London pastoral care is a priority for all staff; any member of staff who has contact with students is responsible for their wellbeing. We train all staff in the Mental Health First Aid qualification in order to improve their understanding of the challenges that young people face, and there are a number of certified qualifications that staff work towards to strengthen their practice. DLD is committed to practicing coaching within the school and a number of staff are trained in coaching skills to encourage empowerment of students in their studies and life choices.

Additionally, we have two trained therapists on-site who are based in our Wellbeing Centre. Students are able to book sessions or drop in to speak to our college counsellors, and make use of the wellbeing area whenever they feel they need to.

We recognise that exam season is a stressful time for our students and in acknowledging this, along with Mental Health Awareness Week, we spoke to one of our college counsellors to find out more about counselling at DLD.

Counselling at DLD

We have two therapists Marisa Isidore on Mondays and Fridays and Emily Elliott – Monday to Thursday.

How do we help?

We listen – we don’t give advice!  We are not your best friend who’s giving you advice, we are not your parent who is overly worried or otherwise, – we are neutral, confidential and offer a non-judgemental space for you to explore whatever is getting in the way of living and learning.  It might be a relationship issue, it might be an addiction, it might be you are over thinking or particularly anxious. It might be that you have low mood or simply don’t know the way forward.  It doesn’t have to be a mental health issue!  However you may have a diagnosis and may need to continue support with that at school and we are happy to help.

Is it confidential ?

Yes.  The only exception is safeguarding.  Safeguarding with counsellors is when you are at risk of significant harm.  You may be at risk from someone else or from your self.  We will always let you know if we have to break confidentiality and it is in order to keep you safe.  We will never go behind your back.

Do my parents need to know?

No, your parents do not need to be involved if you are 16 and over.  However if you are under that age and you still need support without parents knowledge we will discuss further to get the appropriate support.

I may need specialist help

We can support you with that and signpost you to specialist services eg camhs or private providers

What if I’m not sure about counselling

Don’t worry– you can try it out with one of us and see how you get on .  There is no obligation to continue.

What sort of thing do you work with?

Many things.  Top issues are : anxiety, relationship issues, low mood, low self-esteem, family breakdown, breakups, depression, fear of failure, procrastination, trauma, addiction, and many more.

Emily Elliott, Counsellor MBACP 

Students spoke about the counselling facilities at DLD: