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Horticultural Society Plant Sale  

29th November 22

Horticultural Society has created a new opportunity for students interested in plants to satisfy their passion with a combination of art, science, and technology.  

After two and a half months of group work by the students in the Horticultural Society, we decided to plan a Plant Sale. We started the preparation by gathering and brainstorming ideas about the best ways to hold this plant sale. So, we decided to have this special in the Atrium on the 22nd of November. As a team, we came up with the idea that people can buy our plants and gift them to their family and friends and make some other people happy.

We started by taking cuttings of parent plants and growing seeds which we then very carefully transferred into small pots; at the same time, we started our marketing strategies by creating TikTok videos, care cards, and posters. On the morning break of the 22nd of November, we held our sale; we had two more sales during Lunch and the Afternoon Break. The number of people who came to buy plants was much more than expected; in the day’s last sale, there were no plants left to sell!  

I believe this event was one of the most extensive and successful events we have ever had at DLD College. During these three months, we learnt about kindness and teamwork as well as how to grow, propagate, and care for plants and some marketing skills. The money raised from the plant sale will be reinvested to allow the horticultural society to undertake projects to green up DLD by creating planting displays. 

Arian A (Year 11, Jubilee House), member of the DLD Horticultural Society

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