The River Thames outside DLD College London

Aspiring Dentistry Student visits UCL

21st November 22

On the 13th of November, I attended a one-day course about Dentistry at UCL. The course was split into different parts; we started with some facts about the life of a dentist and what it is like to attend dental school. Then we began to analyse top universities for dentistry and what unique things they can offer.

One of the most important topics was how to write an excellent personal statement and what should be included. The next topic was how university interviewers expect you to appear in interviews. The most exciting thing about this part was that the interviewer at Queen Mary University was talking about this. The next thing that was very impressive for me was that in most of the interviews, the interviewers expect the student to create a shape with a piece of paper. The reason is to see how students can work with their hands!

In the end, we carved soap into a tooth. By doing this, I discovered that one of dentistry’s most significant points is that a dentist needs strong and healthy hands and body to withstand the daily strains that being a dentist can have on the body.

The first thing I realised at this event was that dentistry is highly competitive to study and then succeed in the profession. Students started making friends from the beginning. I found this day very useful and fun; this was because we were in a professional environment, learning from the professionals.

Arian A, Year 11 Student