The River Thames outside DLD College London

Did you know that DLD is an ESU Oracy Affiliated School?

9th October 22

DLD College London is an English Speaking Union (ESU) Oracy Affiliate School. This means that through engagement with the ESU’s competitions and educational programmes, we have been awarded with affiliation status.

The ESU Oracy Affiliate initiative aims to raise the profile of students’ ability to express themselves fluently and grammatically in speech and recognises schools that take oracy education seriously.

At DLD we are committed to providing all the ingredients that our students need to be successful after they graduate. This includes exceptional teaching standards and ensuring that our curriculum promotes oracy education.

Along with ESU, we believe that the benefits of promoting oracy education include:
• Improves students’ academic success
• Supports Students’ wellbeing and confidence
• Improves employability and opportunities in life beyond school
• Underpins student literacy and vocabulary acquisition
• Develops citizenship and agency

Janette Winneck, Psychology Teacher and Head of Public Speaking Society