The River Thames outside DLD College London

Feminine Power Exhibition at the British Museum

29th September 22

A Level Classics students went on a trip to the British Museum to visit the Feminine Power : from the Divine to the Demonic Exhibition on Friday 23 September. Despite the huge crowds which the scope and sophistication of the exhibition attracted in the last few days, and the difficulties of large bags and the security checks, the students (a mix of age and gender) were engaged and curious. They took copious notes from the exhibit notices and pictures of the artworks such as a large sculpture of Aphrodite, a small watercolour and frieze of Sappho, a Waterhouse painting of Circe which together explore the theme of female power across diverse cultures. Some students downloaded articles from QR codes attached to sections of the display to view in their own time to further their knowledge and interest in the topic.

I have taken students to many exhibitions in my time, but I have never witnessed such an outpouring of enthusiasm and discussion.We followed this up with 20 minutes in the newly reopened Parthenon Galleries– a must for anyone studying 5th Century Athens and finally briefly explored the newly adjacent Hellenistic galleries. We emerged into beautiful autumn sunshine in the Great Court; this is why we study Classics.

Cathy David, Teacher of English and Classics, Librarian, University Admissions Tutor