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Schools’ Mace Debating Competition – Round 2 Success

21st January 22

Artie, Sarah & Vlad – Public Speaking Team

This week, Artie, Sarah and Vlad competed in round 2 of the English-Speaking-Union’s Schools’ Mace debating competition after their resounding success in round 1 (read here). We debated that Gambling Should be Banned. This was no easy task as the general consensus is for increased regulation rather than outright banning. Nevertheless, through careful analysis and well thought out arguments we won and are now through to round 3 next month.

The competition was made more difficult as the students were in the middle of mock exams. Matters were further complicated when we unexpectedly faced questions from judges as some schools did not turn up. This they did eloquently, with intelligence and initiative. Despite this, fun was had by all. We look forward to once again taking up the challenge next month.

Evie, Kimmy & Arnav

Last week, our junior debaters were tremendous when they agreed to fill in for a school that had to drop out of another Round 2 debate. Evie, Jimmy and Arnav excelled themselves when they too proposed that Gambling Should be Banned. Their performance was particularly commendable as both Jimmy and Evie are Lower School students whereas the other teams were Years 12 and 13.

The judges were impressed with the way the team responded to the views of the other team as well as thanking them for filling in at the last minute. I was particularly impressed with Jimmy who was taking part in his first debate at competition level despite English being his second language. Evie took on the part of summary speaker which is generally regarded as the most difficult role in debate. She rebutted the other team’s views with intelligence. Arnav spoke with enthusiasm and after initial nerves spoke with conviction and certainty. Like the judge, I would like to compliment the team and thank them for taking on the challenge at the last minute. I look forward to working with this team in the future and to their becoming an authoritative, powerful and winning team.

If you would like to try your hand at debating do please join us in 2.29 on a Tuesday.

Jan Winnick, Head of Psychology