The River Thames outside DLD College London

From the Principal #134

14th January 22

This has been another packed week as we race through the Spring Term. It has been excellent to see the focus of our students taking public examinations, and we wish them well for the results of these in due course. In addition to these ongoing examinations, we have our internal mock examinations over the next two weeks. This is a chance for students to test themselves, and get a measure of how things will be in the summer. Similarly, it is an opportunity to take stock of their progress to date and use the process to ensure they are on track and utilising their teachers, to set themselves up to deliver to their full potential. As such, a clear revision plan to follow is key to making the most of the mock examinations.

Away from the classroom, it has been great to see students utilising the basketball court and heading to the local park to get some fresh air – it is important for their wellbeing to maintain balance. If students should need any guidance, our Wellbeing Team, as well as their tutor, Housemaster/mistress or Head of Lower School are all on hand to ensure we maintain the positive start to term. This is a short but busy term, but I know our students have the resilience and focus to succeed!

As ever, stay safe and have a good week.


James Kidd, Senior Vice Principal (Pastoral)