The River Thames outside DLD College London

Winter Concert & Awards Ceremony

9th December 21

The Winter Concert and Awards Ceremony this week was a chance for the whole DLD community to come together and celebrate the achievements of our students this term.

Music was provided by Hayek C on guitar, the DLD Band (Max, Evie, Lucca, Hayek, I Made Adi Paranawa and Jason) and Jimmy on piano.

The following awards were presented:

Afa Nuriyeva    Academic – Public Speaking
Deepika Anand    Academic – Debating
Bill Cheng    Academic – Chemistry Olympiad

Veda Hill    Sport – Netball
Felix Rivadeneira    Sport – Football
Ishaan Patel    Sport – Boxing

Matilda Levine    Arts – Adobe Photographic Techniques
Tyra Parker    Arts – Advanced Photographic skills
I Made Adi Pranawa Putra    Arts – Band

In the Senior House Competition the Winners of this term’s activities were:

Football: Piccadilly
Chess: Metropolitan
Quiz: District

A montage of the event can be viewed below and the photographs were taken by A Level student Aemilia C.

Sean Gallagher, Head of Co-Curricular & Sport