The River Thames outside DLD College London

BioSoc – developing knowledge & research skills

17th November 21

The biologists have kicked off the academic year within the Biology Society by learning about weird and wonderful medical treatments from the past and present and the role that plants have played in shaping the world of pharmacy and medicine today.

The students then learnt about standing on the shoulders of giants as they researched scientists, such as Rosalind Franklin, whose contributions to famous discoveries had been overlooked.

With the start of Black History Month, the society took some time to consider the ethical implications of historical scientific research by learning about the life of Henrietta Lacks. This led to a healthy debate surrounding the use of her cancer cells in industry and research and the societal impact of the profits made from commercialising her cells.

After a well deserved half term break the students returned to start planning their Crest Award Projects. These projects are chosen by the students based on their own interests or areas that they would like to pursue in higher education. The projects will be running over the year and will result in a university style dissertation.

As COP26 wraps up, the Biology Society will also be turning their attention to the impact of humans on the environment and ways that DLD could become more biodiverse and be a safe space for wildlife in London.

Dr Lindsay Reed, Biology Teacher