The River Thames outside DLD College London

Blue Paradox trip – The Human Impact of Our Reliance on Plastic

1st October 21

The Blue Paradox Geography Trip

This week the A2 Geography class set visited “The Blue Paradox”, an immersive environmental exhibition on the ocean plastic crisis, located in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Our class and about 30 other people entered a long room with two mirrors on both our left and right sides. Large TV screens covered the end of the room to create a slope. The floor itself lit up as it projected water rushing up the slope and we began watching a short film. It both enlightened us as well as amazed us; and it highlighted the importance of water, both as an ecosystem and a commodity.

The Blue Paradox

A door opened as we proceeded to a hallway projecting a real-time plastic stream. We followed the particles visualised along the walls before we entered another room, this one had interactive touchscreens throughout. We examined the complications and possible solutions to the accumulation of plastic.

The next room greeted us with industrial conveyor belts manufacturing various plastic products; a select few were highlighted to visualise how little plastic waste is recycled. Afterwards, we neared the end with a rising figure of plastic being used, recycled, and shipped from the U.K.

At the end of the exhibit, we calculated our plastic footprint before signing an environmental pledge, with our names being displayed on the walls.

Jean-Pierre, Year 13 Student