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Let’s Talk Sport Project

28th June 21

Let's Talk Sport ProjectStudents have been working hard on this project over the past two weeks as part of the Summer Enrichment Programme. They were tasked with the research and delivery of a ‘TED’ style talk on a sport related topic of their choice. With the Euros in full swing it was no surprise that three of the boys chose football related themes which included ‘Should the Premier league adopt a salary cap?’, ‘Why sponsorship and the media are ruining football’ and Felix (Year 12) posing the question ‘The Glazers…in or out?’ . Barclay B (Year 12), gave us a change of sport with his insightful ‘Introduction to F1’. Lots of transferable skills were used in this project, particularly that of teamwork with the group supporting one another on the day.

Well done to Barclay B, Felix R, Moja T and Nico B. The talks were recorded so we hope to be able to share with you all soon! Thank you to Kym, Mark and Marie for their support in running the event on the day.

Sean Gallagher, Head of Co-curricular & Sport