The River Thames outside DLD College London

DLD to Jakarta Challenge Completed

29th April 21

During lockdown it was important to encourage both staff and students to keep active during a time that unfortunately, meant it was easy to be sedentary for long periods of time. Knowing our DLD community is never shy of a challenge, I set about putting together one that would mean everyone could get involved and would encourage us all to get off our sofas, away from our desks and get moving!

I didn’t want an easy challenge that could be completed in a few weeks but something that would genuinely mean we’d have to really work hard and put in the kilometres to achieve it. It was decided that we could attempt to reach a student who lived the furthest away from us at DLD which happened to be Jakarta, Indonesia…just the 11,714km then!

A Strava club was set-up for staff and students to record their runs, rides and walks and it soon became pretty competitive for that coveted 1st Place leaderboard spot.

This challenge has taken exactly four months to complete but what a pleasure it has been to see our community enjoying being outdoors and getting all the benefits that exercise brings with it in a time of uncertainty and isolation.

Congratulations to all those involved!

1st place student – Oskar M (Y13) 2,912km
1st place staff – Pat D 1,762km

Both of these are cyclists who consistently clocked up huge distances over the course of the challenge.

Honourable mentions:
Students – Wilaiwan S, Kamonnut S, Maria R, Jacob B
Staff – Gareth E, Fumi St.M, Charlie P, Mark J and Tom H.

Sean Gallagher – Head of Co-curricular & Sport