The River Thames outside DLD College London

Lower School Art Competition Winners

2nd December 20

Congratulations to Year 11 GCSE Art & Design student Mayya who has won a Lower school Art Competition for the 2nd half of the Autumn Term. Her Dry Point Needle print depicts a boy who, forced by the Coronavirus pandemic, went back to his home country and realised that he misses London. Her excellent Linocut prints powerfully communicate the message that smoking kills. Mayya explains: ‘…You are dying slowly…, young lungs get affected, causing chronic health problems for the entire body. A skull make-up represents the fact that you are still alive but living with horrible health conditions.’

Another congratulation goes to Year 11 GCSE Art and Design student Katya (Kate), who won a 2nd place in the competition with her skilfully created DPN print portraying the destruction of nature through fires caused by people’s negligence. She also produced a beautiful Linocut print representing the Christmas season.

Ljubinka Jeftic, Art and Design Teacher