The River Thames outside DLD College London

Boarding Activities

2nd November 20

The boarders have been keeping busy with plenty of activities over the past week and have more to come before the end of term.

Last weekend the boarders enjoyed a Halloween Party followed by a Horror Movie on Saturday night all organised by Head of Flamingo Huddle, Mariia and Deputy Heads of Flamingo Huddle, Jina and Mango.

The boarders also had their first meeting of the Boarding Book Club. Books are chosen by vote and in this meeting the International Booker Prize winning A Horse Walks Into a Bar by David Grossman was discussed. For  November, book members have chosen White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

Next week a series of Wellbeing Workshops begin, taking place during Evening Study Time and open to all Boarders. The first, on Monday 9th November, is focused on Healthy Eating.