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From the Principal #83

12th June 20

Marie-Do Reza Vice Principal (Academic)
Marie-Do Reza Vice Principal (Academic)

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all – parents, guardians and teachers for your support during these unprecedented times. What a strange feeling to be in exam mode but not have any traditional exams running at this stage in college. And yet, every year group has been assessed and teachers have been busy reviewing students’ progress and focusing on progression. As I write, we have just sent the estimated grades to the exam boards and now have to wait for the outcome in August. I wonder if the students realise how much their teachers care about their results and I am sorry that with technology and automated UCAS notifications, students will not need to come to college to open their results envelope and share the moment with their teachers. At least we will be able to get together for our Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Friday 26th June at 11am.

Last week, Year 9 and 12 students completed their progression assessments and are now receiving feedback on their performances. BTEC students are completing their last assignments whilst the students on the International Foundation Programme are looking forward to receiving their final grades at the end of this month. With a new “normal” in education moving forward, what we know for sure is that regular work and Milestone tests and Mock exams do matter. Early next term, we will communicate the priorities for our students so that they are well prepared for any type of examination or assessment in the summer of 2021. Before that, we will acknowledge during our Virtual Awards Ceremony the achievements of students and the hard work shown by them despite the challenges of these last few months. Students have also enhanced the college’s reputation with their selfless contributions to numerous charity events and supporting good causes.

Does it mean that we can all start relaxing and get ready for the summer holiday? Alas not yet. Teachers are busy preparing courses for the new academic year and getting ready to welcome you back to college in September when I hope to see you for another exciting new year.

Marie-Do Reza
Vice Principal (Academic)