The River Thames outside DLD College London

A Global Display… New International Art Gallery

5th June 20

Our Global Kitchen is awash with colour with an international art gallery, showcasing the work of talented artists from across the world.

Inspired by a coronavirus-themed painting on social media by UK artist MJ Hiblen, Houseparent Sheila Price set out to create a vast display in recognition of the current, extraordinary times and to complement the Rainbows for NHS Nightingale campaign display.

Adorning the twenty three windows in the Global Kitchen are 56 masterpieces from 34 different artists across 21 countries, including locations as far reaching as China, Kuwait, Canada and India. One artist, Ali Imperiale from the UK, contributed a piece of work that has been painted especially for the school.

There is also a dedicated  section to Sir Captain Tom Moore, following an influx of artwork inspired by the iconic veteran.

(Click on the images to view full size)

Sheila comments, “The kindness and generosity of the international arts community in helping us to create this spectacular display has been overwhelming.”

“This display is important to us as not only will it complement the children’s colourful display, but it will serve as a reminder of an unprecedented time in our history and showcase the talent and artistic interpretations of this dreadful virus, by ordinary members of our global community. Also, our Global Kitchen and garden will be awash with colour as the artworks are displayed back to back on the windows to create a view from outside and in.”

The contributing artists are:

Andre Malenga Angola
Catherine Hennessey Canada
He Kun China
Mu Beini China
Ali Imperiale England
Fisher Laura England
Kate Richardson England
MJ Hiblen England
Michael Dawson England
Naomi Hands-Smith England
Baz Crowcroft England
Jack Etchells England
Christian Guemy France
Lois Low France
Michael McWilliams Germany
Akshay Prasad India
Avinash Kashyap India
Sharald Ahongsangham India
Gorbe Iran
Anna Barone Italy
Elizabeth A.N. Kazakhstan
Al-Humimidi Kuwait
Souphaluck Phongsavath Laos
Izzy Joy New Zealand
Olumide Ali Nigeria
Denise Dennison Northern Ireland
Alevtina Golavia Russia
Ekaterina Sokolova Russia
Yulia Datskevish Russia
Eman Moqbel Saudi Arabia
Mark Campbell Scotland
Carles Garcia O’Dowd Spain
Fake The Netherlands
Ayla Decaire US
Kaitlin Walsh US
Marysia Schultz US
Milton Morales US
Shahzaad Raja US