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Abbey DLD Group of Colleges – Coronavirus Update

19th March 20

Thursday 19th March 2020

Following on from the UK Government announcement that all UK Schools are to close on Friday 20th March. The Abbey DLD Group of Colleges (Abbey College Cambridge, DLD College London, and Abbey College Manchester) will continue to deliver lessons, correspondence and support their students based in the UK and around the world.

All three colleges have been preparing to continue lesson provision and support students remotely in the event of school closures. Classes in our London and Manchester colleges have already moved to online learning. Cambridge will operate a blend of face-to-face and online learning until the end of this week, after which the college will move to wholly online learning.

Abbey DLD Colleges have been actively supporting any domestic or international students who wish to return home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For students who are unable, or do not wish to re-patriate to their home or home country, college boarding houses will remain open, with boarding staff continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for students. Students who wish to self-isolate will be allowed to do so in their rooms.

Our colleges have put measures in place to ensure that all pre-sessional students, and students currently studying in years 10 – 12, will be able to progress onto the next year or programme of their studies in September. The UK government has also announced that the A-Level and GCSE exams will not be sat in May and June this year. We have no information yet about alternative arrangements, but we will inform you of them as soon as they are made.

Our colleges are constantly monitoring the coronavirus situation as it develops, following the latest guidance from the UK Government, Boarding Schools’ Association and the Alpha Plus Group. The ongoing welfare and safety of our staff and students remains our priority.