The River Thames outside DLD College London

Psychology class trip to see Derren Brown

6th January 16

DLD College London A Level Psychology students visit the theatre

“On the 6th of January 2016 DLD A Level Psychology students went on a trip to watch a live performance by Derren Brown. This was an inspiring trip as we got the opportunity to see the different elements of psychology being acted out in the real world. To see Derren Brown influence people and their thinking, bringing life to the theories that we only had the chance to study out of context during our course, was mind-blowing. On behalf of all the students who bore witness to this spectacular event, I can say for sure that it has opened our minds to the great possibilities of psychology not only as a course but a career choice. As a result of this trip, I am sure that those who have chosen to pursue a career path in psychology do not regret doing so and have something exciting to look forward to. We truly thank the staff and the department for such a wonderful experience.”

Keletso Lebitla,
DLD College London Student.