A-Level Drama Students Performance

4th February 15

DLD College London A-Level Drama Performance

On February 3rd, Year 13 A-Level Drama students performed their devised play, which was inspired by the London Riots in 2011. Their play is a dystopian vision of a London divided into districts, where the corrupt Newman’s Global Corporation has claimed to stop all violence through their “Providence Rehabilitation Centres.”

A Level Drama Performance

The following students acted, wrote and directed the play themselves : Federica D’Arrigo Campana, Gabriel Franklin Taylor, Charles Sibanda-Lunga, Jacki Suo, and Millie Unsworth Webb. Many thanks go to the student technical team Jordi Botta Riera (sound) Cassandra Villeneuve (lighting) and Andrey Levchenko (video recording).

DLD College London A-Level Drama Performance

DLD College London

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