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Why Should International Students Attend a Boarding School In London?

An Insight

International students in this context, refer to students from other countries who come into the UK to study. Those who are from London are not called international students. It is only students who come from other countries. These students chose to attend part or all of their education in another country. There are several reasons for going to other countries to study but that’s another aspect of this study.

Now, there are lots of schools in London that welcome international students from any part of the world. They make provisions for them to ensure that they are in a conducive learning environment. Since these students leave their country, the school has to make sure that they feel at home in their schools. Apart from them, most of them have the provisions of dorms or boarding houses where these international students can stay. There are so many reasons why international students should attend a boarding school in London. This is what we’d be looking at in this article.

Before we go into that, you should know that DLD College London is one that accepts international students. It is a boarding school situated in the heart of London, intending to provide students with everything needed for them to excel in school. Just like most good boarding schools, the college has every provision to give international students a wonderful stay during their programme. This includes:

  • Top-notch education
  • Learning facilities
  • Boarding house facilities
  • Transport services
  • Gym services
  • Extracurricular facilities

The school offers several programmes for A Levels, international foundation programme, GCSE classes, and more. It depends on the particular level that a student wants to enroll it.

Why Go To A Boarding School In London?

You may have heard that London is the best city for international students to attend school. There is an added advantage if the school is a boarding school. Therefore, here are the reasons why international students should attend a boarding school in London:

  1. Boarding Schools In London Offer A Secure Path to Top Universities:

This right here is a fact as most students who have gotten admissions to prestigious universities in the UK finished boarding schools in London. These boarding schools not only give standard education but also prepare the students for what is ahead. They strive to ensure that their students secure a spot in choice universities. So, if you are seeking to attend a top university in the UK, a London boarding school is the right stepping stone.

Yearly, these boarding schools boast of a majority of their students getting admissions to top universities. The universities include UCL, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and more. This is exactly one of their top priorities which they work hard to achieve.

  1. World-Class Education:

This is the first thing an international student should look out for while seeking to study abroad. You should know the quality of education you want and it should be nothing short of the best. London is a big city with several boarding schools that offer top-notch education to international students. Learning here exceeds classroom learning as there is a lot to learn even outside the classroom.

These boarding schools use the best methods of teaching to impart knowledge to their students. Depending on their areas of study, the necessary equipment is there. There are science laboratories, art centres, libraries, and other places where they could get added knowledge. Most times, school or class excursions are held just to help the students learn better. London boarding schools are exceptional when it comes to teaching and learning.

  1. Well Furnished Boarding Houses

Apart from the educational aspect, you should also look into where you would like to stay during the tenure of your school program. Boarding schools in London have great boarding facilities to help a student stay in school comfortably. It depends on what you want. Some rooms are single while some others are meant for two students. The prices differ though and it depends on your budget too.

These boarding houses are well furnished and equipped to make it suitable for students to live in. There is electricity connected to the dorms, access to clean water, reading desks, bathrooms, and toilets.

  1. The City Is International

In London, you will be sure to meet people from all walks of life who speak different languages and have different cultures. You may even be opportune to meet someone from your place. Bearing in mind that learning exceeds classroom learning, London is a good city for international students to attend school.

  1. Fewer Distractions

If a student lives off-campus, there is every possibility that such student will be easily distracted. In a boarding school, however, rules guide how students live in the boarding houses.  Distractions like television, loud music, video games, and so on are limited. This helps the students to be able to concentrate on their school work. It makes them focused because they are in a conducive environment with fewer distractions.

  1. Character Development

Attending a boarding school in London helps students to shape their lives. It allows them to develop their characters and traits. Students who graduate from good boarding schools in London are known to have good characters. They show off good traits and values like hard work, respect, time management, honesty, and so on.

  1. Extra-Curricular Activities

Attending a boarding school in London helps international students a lot in terms of extracurricular activities. They would be able to participate in activities such as sports, school community activities, band, debates, and all. A good thing about this is that the school provides adequate facilities needed to make the extracurricular activities happen. This helps the students to develop generally into well-rounded individuals. For those who are interested in sporting careers, the school serves as a stepping stone to help them achieve their goals. There are fields for football, basketball, tennis court, swimming pools and so on.

  1. Language Fluency:

To international students who don’t speak English as a first language, attending a boarding school in London allows them to learn the English language. Because they will mix up with English-speaking students in the classroom as well as the dorms, they would be able to learn English very fast. To those who stay in the boarding school for long, they even up becoming bilingual at the end of their school program. This means that they can be able to speak, read, and write two languages.

An advantage of speaking two or more languages is that it widens your opportunities in the international workforce.

  1. Experienced Teachers

By studying in a boarding school in London, you get access to quality education from experienced teachers. These teachers have gone through the necessary education and are deemed fit to pass knowledge on. They are teachers who are passionate about helping students learn and grow, and are professionals in their fields. These teachers know how well to nurture their students and act as guides to them. They are not only teachers but supporting staff and school parents. They ensure that the students are comfortable in and outside the classroom.

  1. Great Atmosphere

London boarding schools have a great atmosphere in general. You’d see schools with a touch of olden buildings and modern classrooms and facilities. The atmosphere as a whole propels the students to study and want to do their best. Students make friends and form friendships that could last for a lifetime. They meet people from different parts of the world and learn about each other’s cultures. If there are cultural activities in the boarding schools, it allows the students to learn about other parts of the world. In all, the students get a great experience while in London boarding schools.

There are a lot of boarding schools in London who rightly have all that have been mentioned. DLD College London is one of the prestigious boarding schools in London that welcomes international students. It is in fact, the only school in central London that has on-site boarding facilities. The learning and boarding environment aids learning. Also, there is a wide variety of courses to choose from. This makes it perfect for international students.

DLD has 250 students’ bedrooms located right on campus. They have access to good food, swimming pool, gym, labs, and everything that makes a successful stay in school. The school’s location makes it easy to find and it is well equipped with several facilities that aid learning. More so, the school teaches and equips students with the necessary knowledge needed to gain a spot in their first choice university. This is why most people enrol in London boarding schools; to be able to get an opportunity to attend a good university. DLD college London has been helping students get into choice universities and is still doing so. With the right facilities, qualified teachers, and a conducive environment, it is one of the best schools in central London with a boarding facility on-site.