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What Are The Advantages Of Doing An International Foundation Programme and How It Prepares You For University Success

What are the real advantages associated with running an International foundation programme and why do you need to do it? These foundations studies are usually referred to as pathways to undergraduate study. They are also a way to prepare yourself for university. Making it the best alternative when a student who doesn’t qualify for immediate entry to a university for a degree course gets a second chance to make it even better when they do.

Generally, they differ depending on the university but generally, foundation courses tend to take a year go complete and there are different subject pathways such as science or business. It all depends on the student’s choice of undergraduate studies. Also, in foundation studies, English language support tends to also be a major focus. When a student completes all this, then they can go into the first year degree course of their choice.

It comes with a lot of benefits and that is why this is recommended to a lot of people. However, some people don’t quite understand the benefits associated with doing an international foundation Programme. And that’s what we are here to tell you.

Generally, the benefits attached to an international foundation Programme includes;

Is A Step To Meeting Requirements For Your Undergraduate Studies

In a international college, foundation courses are usually designed in order to help its students meet up with the requirements. It also helps many guarantee students who have completed this a spot in the first year of the degree course they apply for. However this is with required grades and nothing less.

Improves Your Command Of English

Foundation courses help improve your command of English. This is because the components present in academic English are usually available in your foundation studies so if you need better English to apply for a school as an international student, then you would be prepared for that with complete assessments. International students are also provided with the option of completing an intensive English Programme to be part of their preparation for the university.

It Gives You A Peak At University Life

With foundation courses, students get to be more involved with the university life and get a glimpse of it. Even if not fully, but at a pace to understand what it’s all about. Students offering foundation courses usually have full access to all the facilities in a university such as the gyms, clubs, other student’s services too. But they are too choked up with all the other demands of undergraduate studies so they are slowly eased into it better than people who just start undergraduate studies immediately.

It’s Designed To Suit Individual Needs

Mostly, foundation programmed tend to run for a year, a total of 12 months. However some courses are usually lengthened in order to help people prepare a lot more. It’s designed to help but fast and slow learners. Another reason why international foundation programmed are the best is because some allow students to come in any time if the year they would like to begin. However, this depends on the university so ensure to check before enrolling.

It Builds Better Skills And Confidence

You can easily tell the difference between a student who does a foundation programme to one who doesn’t. After 12 months of foundation studies, both skills and confidence are certain. Students tend to develop their skills for a tertiary study they would like to get into and also learn ways of completing different tasks and assessments. They find it easier to apply their knowledge when they are faced with an undergraduate degree. It has been known that students who offer an international foundation programme tend to do a lot better, adapt to university life faster, and cope more in the first year of their undergraduate studies.

More To Know About Foundation Programmes

As mentioned earlier, these are courses that have been specially designed for the development of international students especially those who are not native English speakers. Students are placed in a very supportive environment to ensure their first year of the university goes as smoothly as possible. You get more from your studies and are prepared for any chosen degree of your choice without a problem.

You Can Achieve So Much

It’s no doubt that students tend to face a lot of challenges. Especially students going to university. That’s because study level can be very difficult and so many people come from a place so very far away from their homes, adapting can be a challenge. These challenges are even doubled when it’s an international student in question. They might find it difficult to cope, there’s definitely going to be a new and increased study level and ways of teaching and communicating. This can make learning a challenge if they don’t know what’s going on. They also stay very far away from their home, meeting new people, new culture, new weather conditions, etc. it’s an entirely new way of life couples with studies and the requirements to do well. A lot of international students even end up studying English for the very first time. This is a big challenge and that’s where foundation programmes come in.

With an international foundation programme, you can achieve more. This is because of their aim to help develop international students as much as possible in order to overcome all these challenges and so on. This helps them do better in school, l adapt to the new ways of teaching, and have better and more understanding contacts with their teachers.

Highlighting The Benefits

  • Students get to spend more time with teachers who are trained in developing their levels of understanding in any subject they would like. This helps them ease into the new ways of teaching and the university setting once they become an undergraduate.
  • English classes are offered to sharpen a student’s English. This is done alongside the academic students which helps both ways. You develop your English skills and do well in subjects which are taught in English. It is designed to make sure people succeed. Provides them with good academic standing in any environment they find themselves.
  • They are met with teachers who have been specialized in these tutoring for years and understand how to teach students whose first language isn’t the English language. They know where you have problems and would do their best to make it possible to understand what needs to be understood. This way students easily meet class needs as each teaching system is designed for a student to meet his needs.
  • Students are also granted personal tutors who come regularly to communicate with students one on one. This helps their progress as they get to be taught one on one. Their progress is tracked and it aids progress in any chosen degree.
  • Students are offered small classes for better understanding. Students who don’t have English as their first language have nothing to worry about because they have a smaller class which helps them ask as many questions as possible and have a better relationship with their teachers on a name basis.
  • You also get a lower-level English entry as well as classes that are offered in these foundation studies. It helps students to be accepted with lower levels of English which is usually required for direct entry into a university.
  • You also get the option of guaranteed progression. A lot of these international foundation programmes end up offering guaranteed progression or even support in the university application. What this means is that passing your first year wouldn’t be so difficult and you get a higher chance of completing your degree studies perfectly and successfully at that.

Take Away

Seeing all the benefits attached to an international foundation programme, it’s no surprise it’s recommended as much as possible but that’s not all. Knowing that studying abroad isn’t just for the degree but for the great experience attached to it is a good way to start. You get to experience a new way of life, new food, and culture, new teaching patterns, etc which are relatively different from something you are used to.

This is where a good foundation programme comes in. It offers you various opportunities to experience this at the right pace. Become part of something big and great. You can scout out programmes on campus to be part of when you begin. It gives you a more detailed feeling of being an undergraduate and when you finally become one, it’s a smooth sail from then onwards. You get your university card and you can access various parts of the university such as the societies, facilities and the clubs.

If you’re considering getting or enrolling in an international foundation programme, then by all means do. It’s an experience you would love and it’s a lot better to keeping yourself busy and occupied for a greater good.