The College Nurse is available for boarders who are unwell. She carries out health checks, registers boarders with the local Health Centre, and administers medication to boarders. Parents of boarders are asked to provide details of any medical conditions, allergies etc on application. All Houseparents and the Director of Boarding are also first aid trained, and we are fortunate to be right across the road from St Thomas’ Hospital, which also has an Accident & Emergency.

Our dedicated College Counsellor works closely with the Welfare and Medical staff to support students and staff who may have counselling needs on a one-to-one basis.

We aim to provide only the very best, individualised pastoral care for boarders. Houseparents and Personal Tutors meet with boarders every week to find out about how their week has gone, check on their health, and to discuss any academic or personal issues they may have.

The Houseparents send regular messages to parents and guardians to update them on a boarder’s progress, and to ensure that parents are kept informed of their progress, not only academically, but also individually.