Though we all live together in one large house over 15 floors immediately above College, the house is split into different groups, which we call ‘Huddles’. Boys and girls are housed on separate floors.

A ‘Huddle’ is a group of boarders organised by age, gender and floor, overseen by a designated Houseparent. Huddles have regular meetings for notices, so that boarders can share their opinions, and to discuss upcoming events.

Our approachable Resident Houseparents are responsible for the pastoral care of boarders, providing support and encouragement and liaising with other College staff as required, to ensure the health and wellbeing of boarders. They are supported by our invaluable Boarding Assistants, who are also attached to a Huddle. The Houseparents are a boarder’s first port of call for any issue.

Each Huddle has appointed students who act as Head of Huddle or Deputy Head of Huddle, offering leadership opportunities for boarders and providing a valuable point of contact with house staff.