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Welcome to the DLD Enrichment Guide, which showcases the exciting activities offered by the college to supplement and extend the excellent work done in the classroom.


The purpose of the guide is to allow you to gain a better perspective of what activities are offered so informed choices can be made when you are asked to make decisions at the start of each term. The College actively encourage all students to grasp the wonderful opportunities offered and as you read through this guide it is important that you make a note of the activities that interest you. The activities on offer allow you to enrich your learning and extend understanding of the skills that you can develop.

As a student at DLD, our expectation is that you will be involved in enrichment activities and understand the benefits of developing your whole character.

A new initiative this year allows the year 12 students (A Level or BTEC) and year 13 IFP students to participate in the newly devised ‘DLD Diploma’.  The Diploma will form a new structure to the extra-curricular activities that are offered, presenting opportunities to prove to Universities and future employers that students have completed a qualification promoting time-management, self-reflection, well-being, self-reflection, team-building, critical and creative thinking.

In order to qualify for the DLD Diploma, students will need to complete a compulsory written element and two activities from the recording breaking number on offer over the course of the academic year.

In addition to the Enrichment Programme Activities offered there is also information regarding the excellent pastoral support that is offered at the college, as well as the Universities and Careers Advice. Finally, we have been able to share with you some of the wonderful college organised events including the educational trips and visits from last year.


“We encourage students to find inspiration and enjoyment in honing their creative skills “

DLD College London Drama Club

Drama Club
Discover your hidden talent by developing your acting skills through expressing your individuality in our end of year production.

DLD College London Film Club

Film Club
This is a weekly event, held every Thursday evening at DLD. We host free screenings of the latest films for you to enjoy.

DLD College London Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing
Inspired by the human form, students are taught how to observe and record the shape, form, structure, scale, perspective, tone, light and shade.

DLD College London Photography Club

Provides an enriching and creative opportunity that enhances your learning experience. All students get to explore studio and location shoots.

DLD College London Portfolio Workshop

Portfolio Workshop
Enables Art, Graphic Communication and Photography students of all qualifications to build on coursework and prepare a personal body of work prior to university interview.

DLD College London Private Music lesson

Private Music Lessons
We currently offer: Classical & Jazz Piano, Rock/ Classical Guitar, Singing, Drum Kit, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet. We can also offer other instruments if you wish.

DLD College London Recording Studio Club

Recording Studio Club
Whether you are in a band, singer/songwriter, beat boxer, instrumentalist or want to record a radio sketch, we are here to help you create professional quality recordings of your work.

DLD College London Ukulele Club

Rock School Band
Ever wanted to know what it takes to be in a band? Learn how to play a band instrument under expert tuition.

DLD College London Ukulele Club

Ukulele Group
This is extremely popular with students and staff. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced you will be able to progress very quickly and even perform at one of our concerts!

DLD College London Vocal Group

Vocal Group
Welcomes all who are interested in any form of singing from soul to gospel, folk, classical, and pop. Get together and have a sing-along and take part in concerts of all kinds.


College life extends beyond the classroom and there are a wide range of events to enjoy.

DLD College London Annual Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony
This is an annual event which celebrates students for their achievements and success.

DLD College London A Level Recitals

A Level Recitals
Every year during the Spring term our A Level Music students record their Recital coursework. The Recital is open to other students, friends, tutors and parents to watch and becomes another opportunity to showcase DLD’s musical talent.

DLD College London Charity Events

Charity Events
At DLD we are committed to giving back to the community. Every year, events are organised to support different charities.

DLD College London End of Year Art Show

End of year Art Show
This annual event takes place at the end of each academic year and features a selection of current GCSE, GCE and Foundation Art, Graphics and Photography students’ work.

DLD College London New Parents Evening

New Parents’ Social Event
This takes place towards the end of September. It is an opportunity for the parents of new students to come to the College, meet tutors informally and find out more about how the College operates.

DLD College London Public lecture

Public Lectures
Throughout the year, different faculties take their turn to host lectures at DLD. Guest speakers are invited to talk to students, staff, parents and members of the public.

DLD College London Search For A Star

Search for a DLD Star
This is a talent competition, which takes place during the first term. It is open to all students (and staff) and can include any type of performance style.

DLD College London Summer Ball

Summer Ball
Each year DLD hosts a Summer Ball which includes a sit down meal and fantastic music. This event is to celebrate the end of the students’ academic year.

DLD College London Winter Concert

Winter Concert
This takes place every year in December and we often have themes which includes music and poetry carefully selected to blend seamlessly into each other.


We recognise the benefits of regular physical activity and encourage our students to lead an active lifestyle.

Taking place at London Southbank University once a week this session takes focus, concentration and patience all of which are transferable skills students can take with them outside of the lesson.

DLD College London Badminton

Offered once a week Badminton provides students the opportunity to both improve on their technical ability whilst improving cardiovascular fitness in a fun and friendly environment.

This popular activity takes place once a week at a local sports centre. The sessions aim to improve technical ability, fitness levels and overall understanding of the sport in a fun yet competitive environment.

DLD College London Boxing

Once a week this session promotes benefits such as stress relief, cardiovascular endurance and confidence as well as improving students’ knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport.

DLD College London Football

Boys’ football
This is a very popular activity here at DLD. We provide both fun and engaging sessions with the aim of improving ability and understanding of the sport. This year the Football team finished runners-up in the CIFE 7 a-side Tournament.

DLD College London Circuit Training

Circuit training
Taking place at London Southbank University’s FTZ (Functional training zone) once a week this form of body conditioning uses high-intensity aerobics and resistance training to improve students overall fitness and has proved to be very popular this year.

DLD College London Wellbeing

Mindfulness and wellbeing
Is a stress reduction technique to promote inner wellbeing. Come along and listen to calming music, bringing your focus to the present moment – a relaxing way to let go of stress and recharge in the middle of the day. This can be particularly useful during exam period!

DLD College London Rock Climbing

This activity takes place once a week at West 1 Seymour Leisure Centre and allows students to combine creative thinking with physical outlet in a safe environment lead by expert instructors.

DLD College London Yoga

Yoga and meditation
Once a week, we offer classes in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is a modern day yoga that is a vigorous yet empathic form of workout that increases flexibility, tones your muscles, promotes weight loss and helps you fight stress.

Student Voice

Student Council

Students are encouraged to become part of the College Council to represent their year group, become ambassadors in the College and aim to help students feel welcome. The Student Council consists of 10-12 members with an elected Head, Deputy Head and Secretary. The Council meets regularly and aims to improve students’ everyday life at DLD and promote a sense of community across the College.

DLD College London Student Council

Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring Scheme was started in 2011-12 and has proved to be very successful in helping students gain valuable experience in leadership, responsibility, motivation and communication. Designated AS and A2 students act as mentors for the younger students in need of extra support, whether for academic / language purposes or for social inclusion. The scheme is supervised by the Mentoring Coordinators and supported by senior members of staff.

Debating Club

The Debating Club meets weekly to discuss a range of current affairs including, EU membership, solution to the migrant crisis, stem cell research, GM foods, tax evasion and other themes. The students make suggestions for topics, decide whether they are for/against and then go off and research the issue. It has been an excellent opportunity for interested students to take a position and development their arguments.

Educational Trips / Visits

DLD College London Educational Trips

At DLD we fully endorse the Department for Education’s Learning Outside the Classroom manifesto. The provision of our curriculum is regularly supported by daily, after school or residential educational trips or visits organised by subject tutors. Our strategic location in central London means that students benefit from easy access to a great number of galleries, museums and theatres. Our college has a designated Educational Visit Coordinator (EVC), who ensures that trips abide by the current health and Safety regulatory requirements.

Click here to see some of the Educational trips from 2016.

DLD Diploma

This enables students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and develop skills to further prepare for university.

DLD College London Diploma

The Diploma is open to year 12 students (A Level or BTEC) and year 13 students (IFP). In order to qualify for the DLD Diploma, students will need to complete compulsory component one, which is the written element and choose two options from component two.

An initial meeting will be arranged to set individual targets for each student which will include skills development and achievement. Attendance will also be part of the assessment and will be recorded weekly.

There is a large variety of activities on offer for Component 2 and students will have the opportunity to change their choices after a term, or, carry on with their existing ones.
The Diploma is accredited through the NCFE.  

Compulsory Component 1Component 2 choices
EPQ (Stretch & Challenge)Online certificate (Future Learn)
Research Project & Presentation Level 1 (secondary sources)Humanities Magazine (Humanities cross-curricular)
 Science Olympiads
Level 2 (original primary sources)Public speaking/debating
 Maths Challenge
 ABRSM Practical exams in most common instruments (UCAS POINTS AWARDED Grade 6+)
 ABRSM Theory exams Grades 1-8 (UCAS POINTS AWARDED Grade 6+)
 Alexander Technique (External) – Certificate
 Dance (classical)
 Music Studio Recording Club
 Ukulele Club
 Vocal Group
 Rock Band School
 Model U.N.
 Bank of England Challenge
 Mandarin (Dragons in Europe)
 Adobe Photoshop Course
 Life Drawing
 Work Experience
 Sports ECA (football/basketball/badminton/table tennis/circuit training/boxing/yoga/archery/dance (modern)
 College Council
 LAMDA Drama Exams
 Drama: Youth Theatre
 Film Club
 Coding Club
EPQ (Extended Project Qulaification)

This gives students the opportunity to write an extended dissertation and deliver a presentation on a subject that is of particular interest to them. Students will be able to demonstrate that they can stretch and challenge themselves beyond the confines of the A Level syllabus and produce original research. It is also a good way of earning extra UCAS points which will enhance their university application.

Who should do an Extended Project?  

Those wishing to apply to Oxbridge. The EPQ presentation itself would be an excellent preparation for the interview

Those who wish to enhance their application to other top universities

Those who wish to improve their academic writing skills and learn how to conduct original research

Cross-curricular activities and cooperation is warmly encouraged and various members of staff have contributed to the 30 hours of teaching required.

This is what three top universities have had to say about the EPQ:


“Oxford recognises that the EP will provide an applicant with the opportunity to develop research and academic skills relevant for study at Oxford. Candidates are encouraged to draw upon their experience of undertaking the project when writing their personal statement, particularly if the topic is allied to their chosen degree course.”


“We welcome the introduction of the Extended Project and would encourage you to undertake one as it will help you develop independent study and research skills and ease the transition from school/college to higher education.”


“UCL welcomes the introduction of the Extended Project into the curriculum, recognising that it will develop many of the skills necessary for successful study at university. For students presenting A levels, UCL will be accepting a pass in the Extended Project as an alternative to the need to offer a pass in a fourth subject at AS level.”

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