Character Education

How do we instil our values at DLD College London?

Our values Tolerance, Respect, Academic Curiosity, Community Centred and Kindness.

The school community at DLD work together to demonstrate and uphold our values. The values can be:

  • “caught” through interactions and collaborations with the community
  • “taught” through educational experience and being a reflective practitioner, or
  • “sought” through students seeking and pursuing their own personal growth and development.

We offer a variety of ways for our students to do this:

  • Through participating in enrichment, co-curricular activities, and assemblies
  • Through embedding character within our taught academic curriculum
  • Through our rewards and sanctions systems
  • Through our staff instigating and demonstrating character, while being role models for our students
  • Through personal development and leadership opportunities within school and externally

What is Character Education?

“Character is who you are when no one’s watching”

Character Education is about helping students grasp what is ethically important in situations and how to act for the right reasons, such that they become more autonomous and reflective.” (Jubilee Centre, 2017) Character Education gives students the tools and skills to positively interact with society. It is built on four building blocks of Character Virtues: Intellectual, Moral, Civic and Performance. We want our students to learn and practise these skills and attributes so that it becomes a habit.

At DLD College London, we want our student body to be active members of society both within the school community and in their day to day lives. We want our students to make informed decisions and choices based on good judgments and morals. We aim to instil students with the skills and qualities necessary to be the best versions of themselves, ultimately enabling them to have a successful start in their futures be that a university or in a career.