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Geography is about understanding the earth and our place within it.
What is Geography?

GCSE Geography is about understanding the earth and our place within it. It examines how places and countries differ, how natural and human environments interact, and it explores the connections between places, resources, people and development. Geography examines why some places develop, while others remain in a state of instability, why some places are inflicted by catastrophic disasters while others not, and how the physical world can have such a dramatic influence on our daily lives.

What will I study?

1. Population and Settlement

2. The Natural Environment

3. Economic Development

How is it assessed?
Paper 1Geographical Themes45%1 hour 45 minutes
Paper 2Geographical Skills27.5%1 hour 30 minutes
Component 3Coursework27.5%Centre-based assignment of up to 2000 words

  Exam Board: Cambridge IGCSE

What do I need?

A healthy interest in our planet and the processes which shape the physical and human worlds. A desire to understand the science behind how our planet functions and the complex inter-relationships within it.   A sound ability to read and write as essays are required. Basic mathematical skill as a range of graphing, field and cartographic skills will require some maths.

Reading List

Cambridge IGCSE Geography 2nd Edition – By Paul Guinness, Garrett Nagel


ISBN- 9781471807275

“Geography opens a new perspective to the world and gives opportunities to see the problems of the past, present and future.”

Vasily Rublev – Current DLD Student

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