Students Walking In DLD College London Mathematics Corridoor


GCSE Mathematics is a core subject and a grade C is often an essential qualification for progression to the next stage of your education.


Mathematics is as old as civilization, and it has evolved to a point where an understanding of basic mathematical concepts is vital to successfully live, work and prosper in the modern world.

A Mathematics GCSE is intended to enable students to
• develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques
• acquire a foundation of mathematical skills for further study in the subject and a wide range of disciplines
• become confident in using mathematics to solve problems
• appreciate the importance of mathematics in society, employment and study.


DLD offers the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Mathematics (Specification A), which is popular and highly regarded qualification. IGCSE Maths is provided at two tiers of entry (Higher and Foundation) that allow students to be entered for a level appropriate to them, with questions in each tier that are accessible to students of all abilities within that tier.

Higher Tier content includes:
1. Numbers and the number system
2. Equations, formulae and identities
3. Sequences, functions and graphs
4. Geometry and trigonometry
5. Vectors and transformation geometry
6. Statistics and probability

The subject is assessed through two examination papers set and marked by the Edexcel examination board.


Together with English (and sometimes science), Maths is one of the GCSEs that universities are most likely to be interested in. More specifically, a GCSE Maths grade 4 pass and above is required by many post-16 destinations for further study and career development. In fact, following changes to A-levels in recent years, universities may well look at GCSEs more when making a decision about your application – especially when it comes to competitive subjects or universities e.g. medicine, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE or Imperial College.

A satisfactory entry level in Maths, corresponding to a high enough GCSE grade, may be required for a student to progress to A level in Economics or Science subjects such as Physics or Computer Science. DLD college requires GCSE grade 7+ to study Mathematics at A level (8+ for those who would intend to supplement it with Further Mathematics in the second year).


The subject is assessed through two examination papers set and marked by the Edexcel examination board.


If you have found Maths difficult in the past we can help you approach the subject with confidence. Equally, if you are good at Maths you will be stretched to achieve your best possible result.

We ask however that you be focused whilst in class – be organised, follow instructions and practise outside class. There is no reason why students who work consistently hard using techniques taught by their teachers cannot do well in the exam.

Co Curricular Activities

GCSE students are most welcome to join the lively DLD Maths Club, where they can hone their skills at puzzle-solving and enter the UK Maths Challenge, in which our students regularly achieve Silver and Gold awards.