DLD Student Working In IELTS Class

IELTS for Lower School

Academic English is an independent English language programme which runs parallel to all the other courses offered at DLD College, from GCSEs to A levels, IFP and BTEC. Every international student without, and requiring, an English language qualification (IELTS) for entry to university attends Academic English lessons with a view to developing their English language skills.

As English is an international language, it underpins every career and is required for communication globally.

How is it assessed?

Year 11 students will take the IELTS exam twice, once in December (offsite) and the final exam in May (here at DLD, an approved IELTS exam centre since May 2018).

Year 10 students take the Preliminary English Test (PET) in May.

What IELTS levels are needed to study at DLD.

Students are supported in the development of their English language skills, which, apart from preparing them for the target exam (IELTS), facilitates their learning in all their other subjects. IELTS enables students to progress to different pathways within the College, too.

Students require band 4.0 to study the APC programme, 5.0 to study on the 1-year GCSE programme and IFP, 5.5 for A Levels and BTEC.

Co Curricular Activities

The Academic English Department runs the International Society, which enables students to develop their awareness of different cultures, customs and traditions, as well as a number of global issues.