BTECs are work related qualifications suitable for a wide range of students and are built to accommodate the needs of employers and to allow progression to university.


In BTEC Business students are encouraged to develop a range of important skills which are transferable to any walk of life. Students can focus on their career aspirations or work area within the specification in which there are six specialist pathways consisting of Finance, Management, Marketing, Law, Administration, and Human Resources. Tutors have carefully chosen units of study that complement students interests and what universities/ employers are looking for.

The course is designed to replicate the Business working environment, therefore you will;

  • Gain a broad understanding of business and be able to study selected areas in more depth
  • Develop skills, knowledge and understanding in business
  • Have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way
  • Follow a programme of study which enables progression to both higher education and employment within business
  • Develop personal, learning and thinking skills, which are highly valued by employers and universities
  • Gain confidence through developing independent learning skills


At DLD, BTEC Business is taught through individual and group presentations by students as well as class notes and assignments. Video materials and News articles are used as the basis of discussion and the emphasis is always on the practical application of theory. Students are encouraged to challenge the content of what they read and offer their opinions. The aim is to emphasise to students that running a business involves a series of decisions which are usually made with incomplete knowledge and that there is often no ‘right’ answer. We strive to make classroom learning as interactive and dynamic as possible.


At DLD College London we are currently studying BTEC Business through Pearson.


Mandatory Units Assessment
Unit 1 Exploring Business Internal
Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign External (Controlled Assessment)
Unit 3 Personal & Business Finance Exam
Unit 4 Managing an Event Internal
Unit 5 International Business Internal
Unit 6 Principles of Management External (Controlled Assessment)
Unit 7 Business Decision Making External (Controlled Assessment)
Optional Units Internal


You will need a minimum GCSE English grade C.

The BTEC qualification is not only preparing you for university, it is also aiding you to develop skills that you will need in the workplace. Through this course we endeavour to send well rounded individuals into the workplace with the potential of being successful business men/women. Therefore, it is important that students who commence the course do so with a positive attitude and a willingness to participate in class, perform independent research under guidance and above all, learn from their mistakes.

Candidates should possess good time management and organisational skills. These skills will aid the success on the course as you will complete assignments after each unit, for which deadlines will be set. Ideally students should have GCSE English and Maths or equivalent.


“Alongside A levels, BTEC Nationals are the most widely-recognised qualification for admission to higher education. In 2015, 95% of UK universities and colleges accepted students with BTEC qualifications, including competitive universities from the Russell Group. (Which? University 2015)”


Q. Can I do the course in one year?
A. Individual needs will be reviewed upon application

Q. Can I use the BTEC to apply for a gap year internship?
A. Yes


To study BTEC, your current or pending exam results should be equivalent to or higher than GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in at least 5 subjects and a minimum level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.0. At the start of each academic year of study students following a BTEC course without a pass at grade C in GCSE or IGCSE English Language or with an Academic English score below 6.5 overall must join an Academic English training course for the duration of the academic year which will be timetabled alongside BTEC lessons. If your level of English is not sufficient to meet the entry criteria for the BTEC programme you will normally be offered a place on the Abbey DLD Colleges One Year Pre-sessional (Pre-BTEC) in order to bring your English skills up to the required level.