The aim of the course is to make students active participants and encourage them to explore the Spanish- speaking world as much as possible. Students who choose to do Spanish at DLD will be exposed to intensive practice of the different language skills: reading, listening, oral and writing using a variety of textbooks, internet resources, films, magazine and newspaper materials, podcasts etc. Regular testing of vocabulary and grammar structures is part of the course dynamic as students need to develop these two areas considerably. The Spanish department organises cultural visits as part of the course such as museum exhibitions, trips to the cinema and other events that complement class activities.

Ideally you should have a solid basis in the language (intermediate level). Studying a language is not just learning a set of grammar rules and vocabulary lists is also learning about and experiencing the culture of other countries. Spanish is widely spoken in the world and the cultural aspects of the subject open many possibilities for you to explore. This course gives you plenty of opportunities to do this.