Since 2015, we have followed the OCR Physics A linear specification, which is divided into 6 modules, each covering a key concept in Physics.

The modules are:

Both years 1: Development of practical skills in physics
Year 1 2: Foundations in physics
3: Forces and motion
4: Electrons, waves and photons
Year 2 5: Newtonian world and astrophysics
6: Particles and medical physics

Students take progression exams at the end of Year 1, and subject to a suitable pass grade, can move into Year 2.

Over the course of two years you will explore:

  • The different properties of materials; why certain materials are used to make computers, buildings and replacement body parts
  • The existence and behaviour of waves; how musical instruments produce their notes
  • The wave-particle paradox
  • How electricity is created; how early televisions were invented
  • How atoms were discovered; what you get when you smash an atom into pieces
  • How we have developed theories of the lives of stars and the size of the universe without ever leaving the Solar System.