A key subject for students planning to continue on to university and study subjects including computer science, computer game development, software engineering, information systems, music technology and networking and electronics at degree level. Alternatively, students may consider direct entry into related employment.

The practical skills that Computer Science gives are transferable and of benefit in every walk of life, whether it is helping you manage long word processed documents such as your PhD thesis, using spreadsheets to help create statistical models or starting you on the path to creating a web design company.

Computer Science does not tie you in to a particular academic area or career path, but gives you the skills to cope with technical barriers that may previously have caused problems. Doctors, lawyers, designers, Architects, film directors, business leaders all need to have a basic understanding of technical issues and technical proficiency and A-level Computer Science will give you that foundation.

Many universities run courses that link Computer Science closely with other subjects such as Finance or Artificial Intelligence as well as offering courses that focus just on Computer Science. At the last count UCAS listed over 300 courses involving Computer Science – one of them is bound to be right for you.