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Welcome to our Virtual Open Evening

Welcome to our Virtual Open Evening. Enjoy the information we have put together on this page introducing DLD College London and we hope your personal appointments go well. We are available online tonight for any further questions you may have via the query form on this page or the live chat function. We look forward to hearing from you!

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“The college strives to instil a sense of achievement in its students and urges them to be the best they can be in all they do.”


“Louisa relishes the “freedom” she’s offered to make informed decisions. She feels guided and supported.”


“My Teachers are super flexible, extremely adaptable and highly professional. They know their stuff really, really well and they are very caring and dedicated. Absolutely amazing teachers.”


“Tom has had such a great time at DLD and it suited him so well. We’re very glad we chose DLD.”


“Thanks to all the amazing teachers for their dedication and making the course so interesting for Sophia. The feedback the teacher gave Sophia recently was excellent.”


“Students are spoken to like the young adults they are and are taught to take responsibility for their actions.”


“I am really glad to have you as my teacher, you had helped me so much during the past 2 years. Even though art is not the passion I chose for university, I never regret choosing photography! It has been a busy but fulfilling A Level, thanks for being a wonderful teacher.”


“With is ability to attract students from all over the world, it provides amazing insight into global cultures.”


Frequently Asked Questions


Course Details

What is the difference between A-Level and BTEC?

BTEC allows students to express their knowledge and understanding through practical assignments. Rather than studying a three or four different A Level subjects, BTEC students focus on only one subject; Business, Media Production and Music Technology. Whilst they do have some examination components, BTEC courses are assessed through practical assignments where students apply their learning in a real-world context, often engaging with industry professionals.

What is the difference between a 1 year BTEC and a 2 year BTEC?

Our one year BTEC is less intensive and equivalent to one A Level. The two year BTEC is the only course you will take and is equivalent to three A Levels.

Can I take BTEC and A Level together?

If you are student of a two year BTEC then you will not be able to study A Levels alongside this, you will not have the time. However, students often take the one year BTEC alongside other A Levels.

If I study a BTEC can I got to University?

Yes, there are a wealth of University options for you.

What grades do I need to study in the Sixth Form at DLD College?

To be eligible to apply for an A Level at DLD College students must have 5 GCSEs at Level 4 (grade C) or above including Maths and English. Specific GCSEs may be necessary depending on your course choice.

How many GCSEs can I take?

For our two year GCSE courses starting in Year 10, you will take 9 GCSEs. For a one year intensive GCSE programme (starting in Year 11) you can take up to 7 GCSEs.

What is the International Foundation Programme (IFP) and who is it for?

The IFP is a one year intensive course alternative to A Levels that provides a pathway into University. DLD College London offers a range of pathways as part of its IFP to ensure you get the best possible preparation for your chosen degree course at university. The IFP is for International students only.

What is the Academic Preparation Course?

This programme is designed to prepare international students for GCSE, IFP and A Level courses. This is a one year programme for the academic year prior to a student joining the relevant course. The programme is designed with a focus on developing your English language skills, but you will also study Maths, Art or Science, Social Sciences and Drama.

Who can I talk to about my options?

Please contact the Admissions team by email or telephone who will arrange a discussion with an expert member of the DLD team. Email: dld-admissions@dld.org. Tel: +44 (0) 207 935 8411.

About the College

How big is the college?

The college itself is 3 floors of classrooms and facilities, the boarding house above spans 14 floors in total.

What classroom facilities do you have?

The college is zoned in to Faculty areas where dedicated classrooms for subjects are located. We have three ultra-modern science laboratories for Biology, Chemistry & Physics. there are three art studios, a graphic suite and photography studio with darkroom. You will also find a 70 seat theatre with cinema screen, two dedicated music rooms, recording studio and practice rooms. In total there are 55 classrooms across the college

What’s your largest class size?

We allow up to 14 students in a class and our average class size, depending on the subject is 8-10 students per class.

Do you have study areas?

We have a number of quiet study areas around the college.

Do you have an outdoor space?

We have the newly completed Wellbeing garden where you can relax, reflect and study. For sporting activities you will go to Archbishop’s Park, just 5 minutes away.

Do you offer extra-curricular sports and activities?

We have a broad range of sports, teams and activities you can get involved in for all levels of experience. If you have a keen interest in something that we don’t currently offer, or you wish for us to arrange a particular trip, please let us know and we will do our best to cater for your needs and interests.

What is the nearest train station to the college?

Waterloo station and Westminster station are both a very short walk from the college

Do you have a coffee shop on-site?

Yes, serving hot and cold drinks as well as pastries and snacks.

What is the nationality mix at the college?

We currently have 57 different nationalities at the college with British being our most prominent nationality.

How many of the students live in boarding?

We currently have 400 students at the college, of which 220 live in the boarding house.

Accommodation Details

What will my room be like?

Rooms vary in size, however all rooms contain the same amenities: a bed, desk, plentiful storage space and your own bathroom.

Can I have a room with a view?

Due to safeguarding reasons, we cannot guarantee a room with a view.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

The majority of our rooms are single en-suite. We also have a few twin rooms available in which you would share with one other student in your en-suite room.

Do I need to clean my own room?

Your room will be cleaned once a week for you and communal areas are cleaned every day.

Do I need to wash my own clothes?

You can choose to take our weekly laundry service, however, if you prefer to do your own then laundry facilities are provided.

Do I have to bring my own bed-linen?

Do I have to bring my own bed-linen?

Are meals included?

Yes, you will have 3 meals a day included. Hot or continental breakfast, a 3 course lunch and a 3 course dinner. The food in our Global Kitchen is fantastic!

Can I have room without meals?

We do not have a self-catering option.

Are there any shared spaces?

You will have the use of a communal kitchen which you will share with your peers. This is a lovely space to connect and socialise with others. You also have the college Atrium and Global Kitchen where you can relax after college.

Where is the accommodation?

Our accommodation is on-site directly above the college and accessible by lift from within the school. DLD is the only boarding college in London with the boarding facilities in the same building.

Do you offer trips & activities?

There are a variety of activities and trips arranged on a weekly basis, it’s impossible for you to get bored!

Admission Processes

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form which you can access on our website or simply email dld-admissions@dld.org

What happens next?

Once your application has been received, you will be invited for an interview, which, when successful will result in an offer.

How can I accept my place?

Simply complete the Acceptance Form and return to dld-admissions@dld.org and follow the instructions in your offer letter.

Are you still accepting applications for September 2020?

Yes we are and we hope to welcome you through the doors of our wonderful college in a few months time.

Further Information

What measures are in place for COVID-19?

DLD College London is planning to re-open in September and COVID-19 measures will be in place to comply with government guidance. Once these plans have been finalised you will be notified by the College and we will be here to support you should you have any questions or concerns. We have not had any cases of coronavirus in College and a small number of boarders have remained living with us during lockdown.

If I have any further questions, who can I contact?

Please contact our Admissions team by telephone or email and they will happily assist and support with anything you need. Email: dld-admissions@dld.org. Tel: +44 (0) 207 935 8411.