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A lot of parents send their kids to boarding schools at a young age. It could be because they have a very tight work schedule and may not be around home all the time to cater to their kids. It could also be that they know how well boarding schools help to shape children’s lives. Whichever one it is, you should know that boarding schools have been a thing over the years. As the years roll by, amendments are made and developments are brought up just to ensure that pupils get standard education.

London has a trailblazer for being a city with several boarding schools where students and pupils get a quality education. Irrespective of the fact that the pupils are without their parents as they are in school, they progress in all aspects.

Attending A Boarding School For The First Time

To a young pupil going to a boarding school in London for the first time, there are several things that he or she should know. It could be a bit nostalgic to leave home and go to a new place without parents. As time goes by though, the pupils can integrate into the school system. They make friends, master the school routine, and become used to the boarding house. Kids find it a bit difficult to organize themselves without the help of their parents. While in the dorms, they can take care of and look out for themselves. They begin to learn how to be independent and how to adapt to their environment.

Parents too don’t find it easy sending their kids off to boarding schools. As a parent, you may start wondering how your child is going to cope away from home. Well, you too can help them feel excited about going to a boarding school in London. If you attended a boarding school yourself, you can share your experiences with your child before he or she goes off to school. If you didn’t, you can ask your friends or relations who did to share their fun boarding house experiences. There are several boarding house movies for pupils which you can watch together with your child.

Understanding The Concept Of A Boarding School

As a parent, you are supposed to let your child know what the boarding house entails. Some schools provide prospectus it handbooks for new pupils registering with them. There, you can help your child know everything about the school along with extracurricular activities he or she might be interested in. Your child should know that he or she can make good friends from a boarding school. There are so many things to learn such as organisation, time management, self-management, independence, and more.

As the boarding school provides the basic essential, your child will be comfortable. That is, of course, if you provide the child with other items needed to thrive in a boarding school.

Helpful Tips For Pupils Attending Boarding Schools In London For The First Time

As a pupil starting boarding school in London, here are some helpful tips that you will need:

  • If you’re ever confused about anything in school, ask for some advice, help, or support: Kids get confused most of the time, so it is very normal. If you need to find the library or the cafe, you can ask someone. If you’re not clear on a subject, ask your teacher.
  • Go with your favourite teddy: You may think you don’t need your teddy but you just might miss it after you’ve gone to school. So, it is best to go with it
  • You may want to send out letters to your family, friends, or relations outside the school. Therefore, write didn’t their addresses in a notebook.
  • Go with photos of your family and friends. If you have a pet, go with photos of it too. You can decorate your private space with them.
  • Don’t forget your blanket or duvet at home: The weather gets chilly at night. You need to cover up well to avoid catching a cold.
  • Don’t pack unnecessary things: Packing several unnecessary things will just increase your luggage and clamp up your space. Go with the necessary things and things you think you may need. If you forgot anything at home, call home, and tell them about it.
  • Go with a tennis ball or football for play during leisure time. You can also engage in other sporting activities while in school.
  • Call home when you can. You may not have all the time to call home because you are busy with other activities. However, when you are free to do so, do call home.

Packing And Preparing For Boarding School As A Pupil

As the time to go to school draws nearer, excitement mixed with anxiety builds up. You’re certainly excited about leaving home to a boarding school for the first time and you can’t wait for all the experiences that come with it. On the other hand, you are also anxious about what to expect. A week before is shopping time. Within this time, parents should help their kids shop for everything they will need while at school. These include their clothes, toiletries, laundry items, stationeries, first aid medications, provisions, and other miscellaneous items. Your child will have a feeling that he or she will miss home. It is very normal and it would help if you discuss it with them. You can tell them that they can call home as many times as they want. You too can call them often. However, do not overdo it as you may get in the way of their usual activities.

Your child would indeed miss home. Well, he or she would eventually settle down with other kids. Help your child pack up every important item for school. The school must have some requirements for what to bring and what not to bring. Go over it with your child and pack what is needed.

Arriving The School

The big day is finally here and you are probably more than nervous. When you arrive at school, you will see may new faces which you will start living with. Don’t bother too much about it as you would settle down quickly. All boarding houses prepare for resumption day. The support staff will be available to help pupils find their way and also to settle down. Parents are free to escort their kids to their rooms to know where they would be staying. This is where all these goodbyes are said and final hugs are gotten. Encourage your child to be strong and try to fit into the school activities.

As a pupil, you would feel a little sober when your parent or guardian leaves. However, there are several other kids around feeling the same way. The best way to get over that feeling as quickly as possible is to make new friends in the dorm and interact with them. Before you know it, you will begin to get used to the school routine and the people around you. You make good friends and form a squad that you do everything together with. When you eventually go back home for school vacation, there would be a lot to tell your family about. Little by little, you would start looking forward to school resumption because you have gotten used to the schedule. And that’s how a boarding school is.

Settling Down

Boarding schools in London have made a lot of provisions so that the pupils will be very comfortable. At DLD College London, there are several facilities and activities to make you settle down quickly. The school organizes lots of excursions and trips to make students have an enjoyable time. There are cafes and supermarkets around to shop for snacks, stationeries, and other essential items. It is just like home.

It shouldn’t take you long to settle down in a bow on school after feeling homesick for a while. As a parent, you can tell your kids Harry Potter stories to let them see that you can have fun in a boarding school and make lifelong friends. Harry got to a boarding school as a young child with no friends but ended up making very good friendships in the school. Encourage your child to stay away from certain tough adventures that they are not comfortable with. They can participate in sports that they’re interested in and other extracurricular activities.

In all, boarding schools in London offer great opportunities to kids. Apart from the standard education that they would be receiving, the school would mould them into well-groomed individuals in character and also in learning. This is what the boarding school aims at and this is what every parent wants for their kids. If you’re seeking for boarding schools to enrol your child in, there are a lot of them in London. DLD is just one of the best situated in central London with an on-site boarding house.