The River Thames outside DLD College London


What courses and subjects did you study at DLD?

I am studying on the International Foundation Programme (IFP). I am studying Physics and Maths along with IELTS and additional IFP subjects. I participate in extra-curricular activities and get involved in opportunities like student council roles which teach you leadership skills and professionalism as we get to participate in meetings, engage with the school community and present ourselves as leaders, which is what the real world expects of us in the future.

What made DLD stand out to you?

The teaching staff and the unique learning experience offered at DLD, as well as the central location in London.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to study Engineering at Kings College London.

What is it like studying in London?

As a boarder, it is very convenient living in the boarding house above school and at DLD I feel as safe as I do at home. My experience at DLD has exceeded my expectations.

Sum up DLD in three words: