The River Thames outside DLD College London


What courses and subjects did you study at DLD?

I studied A Level Politics, Economics and Maths. I also contributed to the school community as Head of School for the academic year 2022-2023. This was an exciting role which allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills and enhance my employability, all while developing the student experience of my peers at DLD.

Why did you choose to study at DLD?

The community, the people and the opportunities that DLD provides. I have made amazing friends and build strong relationships at DLD. Leadership opportunities and the connections that I have made at DLD have been invaluable in my progression. Studying in the heart of London has also been an incredible experience that I will never forget.

What made DLD stand out to you?

Definitely how close we are to our teachers! The relationship between staff and students at DLD has really benefitted my studies through a personalised approach to learning and engaging in my lessons.

What would you say to a student thinking about studying at DLD?

DLD is unique and different. It’s a community that you will just fit in by just being yourself!

What is it like studying in London?

It is very motivating! I love hustle and bustle of the city!

What were you worried about before coming to DLD? How did DLD help you to overcome your worries?

I was worried I would become distracted in my studies, but over time I have adapted to the new environment and learnt new life skills that are very valuable such as independence!

How have you changed since starting at DLD?

I have gained lots of independence, like having to commute etc. DLD has provided me with so many leadership opportunities and I have been able to enhance my public speaking and confidence skills.

How have your teachers helped you to achieve your best?

I always approached them whenever I needed help across all my three subjects. For example, extension resource materials, marking my essays and doing past paper sessions!

Sum up DLD in three words:


Giovana, Year 13, A Level Student