The River Thames outside DLD College London


“My experience at DLD has opened many doors for me and has been very useful with helping to decide what I want my future to look like. I appreciate the help that I can get from everyone; staff and students as well as being able to have fun in and out of lessons.

Why did you choose DLD College London?

When I was exploring my options in London, DLD grabbed my attention immediately, firstly because of the location and campus, but the educational offerings of the school made me want to come
here even more! I also found the range of diversity and different nationalities really positive and it has helped me to make friends from all across the world.

How do your teachers help you to achieve your best?

My teachers help me in one-to-one sessions, focusing on the part that I find hard. They motivate me and have always been very nice when I don’t understand something, they would explain it as many times as I need. This is really encouraging and has helped me to achieve good results.

What is your favourite thing about studying at DLD College London?

London can be seen as the capital of Europe as there is so much life, different cultures and traditions which has made me look at the world through a different lens which I really like. Moving here has been really fun and educational as there are so many things to explore. I have made a lot of friendships through living in boarding which I think, and hope, will last forever. I’ve lived both in boarding and as a day student and I find boarding helps you to develop close relationships with the friends you are living with. The boarding staff have been amazing and are very helpful, and I love that there is always someone that can help you when you need it.”

Anna – First Year A Level student at DLD College London