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Neurodiversity and Learning Support



At DLD College London we celebrate diversity within our mission statement, and this includes neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity rejects the idea that there is one “normal” or “healthy” type of brain, or one “right” style of neurocognitive functioning.


Celebrating Strengths within Neurodiversity

We recognise that every young person experiences the world, processes information and acquires knowledge and skills in different ways. This means that each student at DLD College London will have a unique range of strengths and challenges.

We value creativity, ability to think outside-the-box, problem-solving skills, unique insights and perspectives, as well as perseverance and resilience.


Supporting Challenges within Neurodiversity

To try to remove some of the barriers that young people may face day to day, we have a neurodiversity department and wellbeing team within college who support the needs of students who may find some aspect of learning or college life challenging.

Feedback from students who are comfortable with an academic challenge but who struggle in a busy environment often report that the small classes at DLD College London can help them to learn.

Neurodiversity department 

The Neurodiversity department works closely with teaching staff to ensure that individual learner’s needs are met within the classroom. We also ensure that opportunities arise to meet fellow students with similar interests in a structured and safe environment, such as bespoke Co-Curricular Activities.



Students have access to college counsellors and as part of a holistic approach to wellbeing, which is independent but integrated into DLD. Students who wish to access this provision are assessed in the first instance to ascertain level of need and where we cannot support that with our counselling provision, we offer support with referrals to specialist external providers e.g. CAMHS & Clinical Partners.



DLD makes decisions about admissions with a student’s best interests at heart. At the point of admissions, we make an honest and informed decisions about how best to support neurodiverse young people within DLD by taking on board all the information provided. For any further questions, please contact the admissions team here or call us on +44 (0)20 7935 8411.