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International Foundation Programme- Success Stories From Our Students At DLD College London

A Brief On What The Foundation Programme Is About

The International Foundation Programme, known as IFP for short is as the name implies, a foundation programme for students who want to get into the university. It is a kind of second option that sits alongside A-Levels. A student can enrol for the foundation programme to become an undergraduate. Simply put, it is a programme designed for students who are looking towards undergraduate study.

The programme prepares students for the journey ahead in terms of university study. What the students are taught revolves around core skills and studies such as personal development skills, academic skills, mathematics, research skills, and so on. Overall, the students learn everything necessary to take up a course as an undergraduate.

There are certain criteria needed for a student to be able to enrol for the International Foundation Programme. Each of them needs to be met before enrollment.

Benefits Of Enrolling For The Programme

As you know, no educational programme is without cause. Therefore, the International Foundation Programme has what it stands for and what it seeks to achieve. Here they are:

  • Inculcating students with development skills
  • Helping with career education
  • Teaching professional etiquette
  • Organisation and good study skills
  • Moral and social development

These and many more are what students stand to gain by enrolling for the programme. Of course, this is apart from core learning which the teachers teach students in the classrooms.

A lot of parents seek to give their children the best education possible. The UK has a lot of universities known all over the world as being top universities. They include Oxford University, Cambridge University, UCL, and so on. Enrolling for the International Foundation Programme helps to equip students with everything necessary to get admission in such universities. It gives them an edge over others in securing a spot at the university. Of course, such top universities are very competitive, and to get in, a student needs to be more than just prepared. In all, DLD College London helps students to achieve their potential which isn’t just about classroom learning.

Success Stories From Our Students

As aforementioned, students have a lot to gain by enrolling in this programme. We welcome students in London as well as international students. A lot of them have success stories to share. We’d be looking into a few of them shortly. Before then, you should know that every necessary preparation is made before learning commences. This is to make sure that the students are comfortable while learning and that there’s no hindrance. There are several courses to select from and the class schedules differ.

Our students all over the world have a great time learning with us. There are students from Russia, Italy, Canada, Africa, and in other parts of the world.

Here are some success stories from our students:

  1. Dayana From Russia

Dayana enrolled in DLD College, London in 2016. She joined around September which is when the college starts a new session. She followed up pretty fast and got the Alpha award because of her excellent results. Dayana is just one out of the many students that got amazing results by enrolling in the college. She represents and stands for all of the good qualities DLD has to offer.

According to Dayana, “studying at DLD College London is all about independence as well as adulthood”. She said the college made her understand how important self-management is. She went on further to say that the school made her grow in so many aspects to the amazement of her parents. To her, attending the college made her realize that expressing herself in any manner was the most important aspect of her social and academic life.

  1. Niccolo From Italy

Niccolo enrolled in DLD College to chase his fashion dreams. He joined a management course and was determined to make it. At the young age of 15, he had already started designing his clothes. He got a lot of recognition from his teachers because of his determination. He was ambitious and competitive. Eventually, he got accepted into the University of the Arts in London to study Fashion Management. By doing an International Foundation Programme in Fashion Management, Niccolo was able to maximize his skills and knowledge. Everything paid off because he secured a spot in a choice university.

  1. Mathieu From Canada

Mathieu was one for mathematics and calculations. He was also a programmer who enrolled in DLD College London in 2017 from a college in Canada. He had deep roots in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the use of data. More so, he acquired problem-solving skills that could help him take on challenging tasks. With all these combined, he was able to do well academically. In fact, he got the highest possible grades in his field and across. He attended competitions and was an ardent member of the Mathematics and Science faculties. He was also a participant in Olympiads. DLD College London gave Mathieu a solid foundation which helped him to gain ground. The college also presented him with a lot of opportunities that helped to develop him.

Mathieu got into the University of Bristol to study Mathematics and Computer Science. And that’s what the International Foundation Programme does for students. The programme acts as a stepping stone to help students get into the university to achieve their dreams amidst all odds.

  1. Emily From United Kingdom

Emily had always wanted to become a broadcast journalist. She got into DLD College in September 2017 with excellent GCSE grades. She was one of the best students in BTEC media amongst her peers. Apart from studying, she also engaged in a lot of activities that would bring her close to journalism as well as to develop her skills.

DLD College encouraged and helped her to develop her journalistic skills. She was traveled to Fiji to help a charity over there. While she was there, she documented the entire experience. She also attended a Masterclass in online journalism. Currently, she is an active member of the National Union of Journalists. She contributed a lot to DLD College and was a founding member of DLD Pride. In her final year in DLD, she was chosen to represent the Student Council. She is studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University.

  1. Yeye From China

Yeye enrolled for a program in January 2018 from China. He was a mathematician, a deep thinker, and loved everything about computing. One of the things he loved doing best was to take up challenges in mathematics and solve them. After six months of studying at DLD, he got an A in A-Level Maths. He also showed his intelligence in Physics. He asked questions when he was confused and also helped his fellow students. Most times, he taught his classmates and helped them to get good grades. He was also an active member of the basketball team. He was a treasured team member who gave his all to the game.

Yeye got and obtained outstanding results and is going for a Computing course at Imperial College, London.

  1. Sasha From Russia

Sasha joined DLD College London in 2017. Right from the start, she had always indicated her interest in social science and science. She had always wanted to study Natural Sciences at the university. She showed great enthusiasm in subjects like Biology, Physics, and other areas related to natural sciences.  The college allowed her to practicalize what she loved doing best in terms of extracurricular activities. She was determined to always do her best in and out of class. She did one month of practice at Moscow State University where she learnt a great deal from professionals. She loved to be intellectually and physically engaged, which was why she took up a challenge. This was to complete the Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards. She intends to study Natural Sciences at the University of Bath.

Well, these are a few of the success stories from students who enrolled for the International Foundation Programme. Because it is international, you can notice that students from all parts of the world enrol for the program. DLD College helps these students to find their feet and stabilize. The college also opens them up to opportunities to help them develop their skills. Every student that attends or attended DLD College has a success story. The college aims to give every student a success story by providing them with everything necessary to achieve that. This includes quality education, skills development, problem-solving, self-development, time management, and so on.

In all, the aim of the International Foundation Programme of DLD College London is to help students get into their preferred universities in the United Kingdom. It has been achieving this and is still set to do more! Therefore, it is a college to enrol a student if such a student wants to get into a top competitive university in the UK.