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How important are your GCSE grades?

How do we at DLD London prepare our students for success

What is GCSE in UK?

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Students take GCSE courses in GCSE colleges in London  because they have to take and achieve good results in their end of course GCSE examinations at the end of their school education. This examination is the end to student’s compulsory education in the UK and their results provide their qualification to apply pursue further education. The grades scored in GCSE exams are very important because they will determine where a student studies next and will form part of their university entrance requirements.

GCSE colleges in London offers both one and two year courses for GCSE. The one-year course is very intensive, whereas two year course is extensive in GCSE colleges in London.

Gaining strong GCSE grades in GCSE colleges in London, provide an indicator on which A Level college an d studies you should take, and for any other higher studies. GCSE grades form part of the evidence on whether you are capable of joining university. Though grades of A- Levels are important, many renowned universities check the GCSE grades also which are obtained from the GCSE colleges in London to see whether the students are academically consistent or not.

Grades From GCSE colleges in London

In the new grading system, the Government has declared that Grade 4 is a ‘standard pass’ and Grade 5 is a ‘strong pass’ and equivalent to a high C and low B on the old grading system from GCSE colleges in London. If the students want to avoid rewriting English and Maths exams they should achieve a minimum of Grade 4 from GCSE colleges in London.

In short, students who want to join a university must secure any of the given grades Grade A,  A*, B, or C (Which are grades 4 – 9) from GCSE colleges in London. If they secure Grade D, E, F, G or U, from GCSE colleges in London, they are not eligible to apply for a university. Grade M refers to Merit and Grade U refers to Fail.

To enrol in an A-Level Programme, a student should score a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4-9 or above including English in the exams of GCSE colleges in London.

Some prestigious universities expect the student to secure higher grades from GCSE colleges in London. For a degree in Medicine the University expects the students to get A* Grades in English, Maths and Science subjects. Engineering courses demand that the students must secure A Grades in Science and Maths from GCSE colleges in London.

Some institutions reject the students based on their low grades in GCSE from GCSE colleges in London, though they may have achieved necessary A-Levels.

Some subjects which are very hard to score high grades from GCSE colleges in London are Music, English, Literature, Maths, Sciences, Engineering, Drama, Geography, Computing/Computer Science.

Scoring a high grade in Maths from GCSE colleges in London

Since it is very hard to score higher grades in Maths from GCSE colleges in London, You can follow the tips given below.

  • Analytical and critical thinking are very much required. Therefore improve your abilities.
  • Develop problem solving skills. Work out more problems.
  • Find old question papers and practice answering the questions.
  • Approach your teacher whenever you have doubts and clarify them. Do not hesitate.
  • Form your own study groups with your classmates and friends. Work out problems with your peer group avoids monotony and encourages you to practice for more time.
  • Make a revision timetable and follow it sincerely.

If you follow the above tips systematically you are sure to score high grades in GCSE from GCSE colleges in London.

DLD College, best among GCSE colleges in London

DLD College London is one of the GCSE colleges in London. Established in 1931, it is the oldest Abbey DLD College, and one of the most renowned colleges in UK, which has earned a great reputation and International Eminence. Situated on the banks of River Thames it is most sought out by students and parents among GCSE colleges in London. DLD College London delivers the ‘Gold Standard’ of education within GCSE colleges in London.

DLD college has the honour of being nominated as ‘Independent School of the Year’ and ‘Boarding School of the Year’ by the 2020 Independent School of the Year Awards. It offers academic programmes including GCSE, A- Level, BTEC and International Foundation Programmes.

Studying in DLD college, best among GCSE colleges in London, is the most wise decision, since the rich heritage, the healthy ambience and multicultural environment enables the student to enjoy a holistic development and also motivates them to reach the horizon.

Among all the GCSE colleges in London, DLD college is very unique, in the sense, education is more than the grades here. It is about creating values, culture, innovative thoughts, higher ambition, and enthusiastic learning.

DLD college, has excellent infrastructure, modern laboratories, and spacious libraries, and offers the highest quality of education. The Educational system of this GCSE college in London is periodically assessed by ISI which inspects the standards of Teaching and Learning.

Preparing the Students For Success at DLD, GCSE college in London

  • DLD college one of the GCSE colleges in London provides individual attention to the students, thereby identifying their potential and building their calibre.
  • Students are provided with a solid foundation to academic skills in this GCSE college in London, which enables them to face the challenges and demands of the educational system in the UK universities.
  • DLD college follows e-learning method for the best teaching learning process, by challenging the students, motivating them and raising their aspirations and quality. This GCSE college in London is gifted with highly qualified, dedicated teachers with rich experience. Every student at DLD college is associated with a personal tutor who meets the students periodically and guides them to aspire higher and score best grades among GCSE colleges in London.
  • The college offers a in-depth study of all major subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with creative subjects like Media Studies, Theatre, Art and Design, Music and Photography to inspire the students and bring out their best in the exams of GCSE colleges in London.
  • DLD college involves the students in both co-curricular, extra-curricular activities, field trips, outdoor activities to enhance the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of the students more than any other GCSE college in London to enhance a holistic
  • DLD college has designed a special Academic Preparation Programme for International students who want to join GCSE and other higher level courses before they start their study.
  • This GCSE college in London enables the proficiency in English by special Reading Practices, Team Activities and Group Discussions. Special coaching is provided to international students to make the students score higher grades to enable them to move on for higher studies. An exclusive enrichment programme is also available for students to sharpen their English Language skills in this GCSE college in London.
  • Apart from English, core subjects like Maths, Sciences, Arts, Media Studies, Social Science, Drama and Reading skills are given special attention and innovative e-learning methods are introduced in this GCSE college in London.
  • An exclusive Library hour is designed in DLD college, best among the GCSE colleges in London, for the students to improve their reading practice by writing a review after reading a book which improves the overall knowledge of the students.
  • DLD college offers a Special International Foundation Programme to enhance Core Skills Modules which comprises of Essential Mathematics, Personal Development, Academic Skills and Research.
  • Wonderful opportunities are provided for the students which offers a variety of activities which the students can choose according to their interests in the Enrichment Programme of this GCSE college in London. These activities enrich the learning process and understanding skills.
  • Students are provided with special courses which develops their time-management, self-reflection, well being, team-building, critical thinking, analytical thinking and creative thinking at DLD college which stands unique among GCSE colleges in London.
  • A special programme is organized by the college, which comprises of, Organisation and Good Study Skills, Development Skills, Professional Etiquette, Moral and Social Development and Career Education to excel among all the GCSE colleges in London. These programmes are carried out apart from classroom teaching.

Success Stories of DLD the best GCSE college in London

  • A student who completed her studies says DLD college is the best among GCSE colleges in London, where she learnt ‘Self Management’ which is all about being independent and managing her adulthood responsibly and also the college motivated her to receive awards as well.
  • Another student says his passion for designing clothes were nurtured at DLD college, a unique GCSE college in London, which made him an expert in Fashion Designing.
  • A student from Canada reports that the solid foundation offered at DLD college, the best GCSE college in London, helped him to master Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Problem Solving which took him to greater heights to win
  • A student from UK acknowledges that DLD college, a renowned GCSE college in London helped her to identify her passion in Journalism and made her a successful journalist.
  • A victorious student from China says with gratitude that DLD college, a prestigious GCSE college in London, made him a master in Problem Solving and motivated him to get A grade in his Exams.